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Tau rituals
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Default Tau rituals

Aside from things like the bonding ritual, what other rituals do we know about within Tau society? I'm particularly interested in whether they have any kind of funerals. If they do have rituals that are analagous to human ones, how do they compare?
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Default Re: Tau rituals

Well weddings is just Ta'lissera between two Tau. About the others, I don't know.

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Default Re: Tau rituals

There is the Shas 'Trial by fire' If we can call that a ritual and a ceramony for Shas'ui when they get their battlesuit. Apart from that there is only the Ta'lissera I think.

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Default Re: Tau rituals

I recall hearing a rumor somewhere or reading a piece of fluff that stated they light their dead on some sort of funeral pyre.

Of course, I also read a ton of things at the same time, so I could be wrong. However, it oddly makes a bit of sense to me.
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Default Re: Tau rituals

I thin kthe funeral Pyre was for the fire caste (in firewarror I think)
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Default Re: Tau rituals

true- cremation is the form of Shas buriel.

If you look in the Ultimate Database you'll find that the Shas invoke a very rare form of ritual hunting every year where they hunt something called a 'clone beast' with traditional weapons (spears).

There is the meeting of all the castes which occurs sometimes (forget the name) which is precided over by an ethereal, the tau give up their caste names and go by Tau'faan- seemingly a universal term for the members of the race.

There's also one ritual, again shas, that involves a ritual that has the possibility of ending in one Shas death (although they say it's very very rare and is a left over of even more ancient rituals before the Ethereals came).
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Default Re: Tau rituals

About their funerals I think they're different for every caste
Probably the fire caste uses cremation.
I think that the earth uses burial.
The water caste could put their deads in some kind of ritual ship and leave it in the sea.
About the air caste... ??? maybe they bury the on the tops of high mountains?
For the ethereals I really have no idea... maybe resurrection? ;D Maybe the don't even die at all, but go away in some far and misterious Ethereal land?
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Default Re: Tau rituals

About the burial thing:

I imagine Air Caste to be put into Pods and sent into space, or at least buried on Asteroids, etc.

Ethereals probably have their special graveyard, where all Ethereals go to die *g*

About other rituals: I think it is important what you define as a "ritual". Formally greeting someone can be a ritual as well; tending to a machine can be a ritual in itself (and it definitely is one for the Adeptus Mechanicus).

I`d say the Tau have a lot of different rituals, some different from caste to caste, others very much alike - formal greetings, morning meditations (especially for the Ethereal caste). A few seconds of concentration before a difficult undertaking, coupled with a spoken mantra, etc, can already be a ritual.

Apart from this, they most probably have rituals similar to ours: Funerals, Marriages (ta`lissera), promotions (especially for promotions, but not to honior the promoted Tau, but to honor his rank and the greater Good - i.e. after the Trial of Fire, etc). I doubt that they would celebrate birthdays (but maybe they honor the days they were attached to a certain project/rank/unit), or births at all (but I could be wrong, we just don?t know enough about family structure among the Tau; for all we know, the Castes could take different approaches).

"Big" rituals, such as Christmas (etc) for us, are most probably very rare, though one or more days could be dedicated to the Greater Good, etc (like labour day).

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Default Re: Tau rituals

Isn't every kai'rotta or so dedicated to each caste, with one after all of those being dedicated to all castes on a whole?

I'm fairly sure that by "dedicated," the Codex would sort of imply something was going on. Maybe a festival of sorts, or maybe a pay raise for the members of that caste.
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Default Re: Tau rituals

Originally Posted by KanmuX
Maybe a festival of sorts, or maybe a pay raise for the members of that caste.
That made me chuckle. I'm not sure if that was the point, but it made me chuckle.

But ultimately, that's right, each kai'rotaa is dedicated to each of the 5 Castes, and the 6th to all 5. I'm sure there would be some rituals and celebrations for those, however, I think it's more along the lines of July being dedicated to Julius Ceasar, August being dedicated to Augustus. It's quite possible that the 6 kai'rotaa are all named something like Kai'Shas; Kai'Fio; Kai'Por; and so on.
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