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unsure question
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Old 25 Nov 2006, 18:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default unsure question

I have a Kroot question. In the fieldcraft special rule it says that kroot get a 1+ cover save in woods or jungles. it maybe just a stupid question but do they get that cover save in h-t-h? ???
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Default Re: unsure question

Wwell, theres no such thing as a cover save in h2h.. so, no... but they would get to attack first while in cover (unless there are frag grenades), which should usually mean they get their attacks in before they die...

.. unfortunately Kroot are like orks.. they have lousy armor saves in CC, and simply die when a successfull attack is made... but look at how Orks perform, and note that kroot have higher S and I, and hopefully, youll see the gold that is the Kroot!

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Default Re: unsure question

Their real value lies in the fact that the are holding wht are basically bolters with one worse AP for 7 points. Stick em in some terrain(any terrain is better than none, but woods are best) and have em shoot out and it will force your opponent to go in and take em out.
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Default Re: unsure question

and when they are chared they are in cover, so you strike first with 2 attacks apiece
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Default Re: unsure question

make sure the other guys don't have flamers though!
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