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Farsight Oversight
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Default Farsight Oversight

So looking at the codex, I did not find the text that states Farsight fullfills the 0-1 requirement for your army commander. To take this further, you could then take a normal crisis commander and lead the army with him, in fact you could even take Shadowsun as your leader and still play farsight....

Granted it says you could have an army led by him and doing so your options change dramatically as far as choices are concerned, but nothing in the text forbids you taking him and another commander as your army leader. Did I miss something
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Default Re: Farsight Oversight

This was cleared up in the FAQs. Farsight does not fufill your 1+ commander, so you have to take him too. I think this is silly, but you can dowload it from here anyway:

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Default Re: Farsight Oversight

you cant take shadowsun and farsight in the same army, read carefully
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