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Anti-MEQ/Pinning armylist discussion
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Default Anti-MEQ/Pinning armylist discussion

(trying a new thing here: cross-referenced armylist topic to spawn discussion/content)

This is a new armylist I made up, and, since I know no one goes to armylist forums anymore due to 'same old same old' syndrome, and am now opening discussion here in the main forum. With all that over, here we go!

Armylist Link: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=35311.0

This is a list I made up to play at my local game store to ride out 'Black Friday' mayhem tomorrow, and kind of find it new/interesting. At first I simply tried to squeeze as many goodies into the list as I could, while at the same time accounting for the metagame environment I will encounter out there (mostly MEQs). As the list progressed through the trimming stages, a few themes emerged on their own:

- Plasma Broadsides, after eliminating enemy tanks, reign terror over Meqs with their 'punch through you with all I've got' armament, and the plasma upgrade on a Broadside is half the price of any other way to get plasma guns (and 1/3 the price of twin linked plasmas!! now THATS a bargain!)

- BS4 Tau. Now this is a nice theme... notice how all the Crisis and stealths are BS4. This is another thing that I really want to bring to a table! I tried to put TAs on the Broadsides as well, but opted for weight of fire instead, since the weapons were all twin linked anyway, and I did have markerlight support

- Drones as 'Troops'. I wanted to implement my much neglected Drones some more, realizing that I never, EVER played with them in any reasonable numbers. Drones that I have used have done very well, and were very mobile, and immense annoyances to advancing assault units.. able to block and pre emptive assault them to keep key elements out of combat. That is a role I want them to continue performing, this time with a little more focus!

- Markerlight Pinning. Realizing that I have 6 markerlights, and a lot of units that can pin, I pushed it a bit further, making the firewarrior squad a Carbine squad as well, with the intent of repeatedly trying to pin the mighty MEQs, as a niiice bonus in addition to just shooting them up with S5 guns (which I do still get to do, dont forget!).

- Not your normal Firewarriors! Oooooh if ONLY I could give these guys EMP grenades, then they would truly be the 'unknown element' that the enemy wouldnt know what to do with! They would not simply stand and shoot like Revolutionary War Firing lines, they would move, and ideally be a confusing element. Oh, and dont get on me about a 'minimized firewarrior presence', since that was kindof the point!

Anyway, hopefully this will spark some discussion.. not only list criticisms of the list, but also Tactics to be employed with this list, etc!!
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