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Know Yourself Discussion v2
Closed Thread
Old 10 Jan 2005, 10:01   #1 (permalink)
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Default Know Yourself Discussion v2

In light of the recent changes going on in the board (Hopefully settled now) I'd like to inform those of you that rarely if ever look at the sticky topics that we have new mods in Rjay and 42.

Also I have re-done the "Know Yourself" thread with comments from 42's older (but still 4th ed) Tactica


all comments and questions on that would be good if they could be placed here.
Originally Posted by Mael
:::is enlightened by the brilliance that is Dizzy :::
Want to know what Confrontation is?
go here
or MSN me, always happy to chat ^_^
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Default Re: Know Yourself Discussion v2

Yes many thanks to Dizzygamer for putting in the effort to redo this so if anybody has any comments please post here as stated by Dizzygamer, this topic will be linked with the Tactica topic so can be easily found...

Oh an Dizzy i renamed the thread to make it clear what this topics about to others...

Originally Posted by RJay
"Nice guys finish last"
Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Originally Posted by Sir Winston Churchill on 23rd August 1940
Never in the field of human satire were so many made to feel so humble by so much acid wit
GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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Default Re: Know Yourself Discussion v2

just like to add my thanks....its so big as you can see it took 3 whole posts to fit it in, great effort!
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Closed Thread


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