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Tips versus IG and Eldar
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tips versus IG and Eldar

it looks like i'm going to be playing fairly regularly against two friends, one of whom play IG, the other Eldar.

the IG player, being a real life tank commander, has lots of tanks he may have other stuff as well - he's quite a 40k veteran - but tanks are guaranteed.

the eldar player is a bit more of an enigma as he's rebuilding his army. i know he has some wraithguard, some dark reapers, some guardians and some swooping hawks. he was also enthusing about how cool vibro-cannons are, so i'll likely see some of those.

So, any tips for an army list that can take on both of these, fairly different, enemies?
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Default Re: tips versus IG and eldar

mmmm, tanks, lots of them its lookin' like. I have to say a deathrain crisis suit team, and a helios crisis team should be perfect. The former to take out light armor like chimera's and vipers and even falcons/wave serpents. The later because the fusion blasters are gonna have a heck of a time blowin' holes through IG armor, and they can be used for heavy troop hunting against Eldar aspect warriors/wraithlords. Then take a shas'el HQ with either:CIB, Fusion Blaster, Multitracker. Or, AFP, Fusion Blaster, Multitracker. The CIB will be more useful against Eldar aspects with 4+ sv.s and storm troopers or guardsmen w/ carapace armor. The AFP is obviosly really great though against 5+ sv guardsmen. I dont recommend fireknife because plasma rifles aren't all that useful against IG, and they're really expensive pts wise. Otherwise, an abundance in railheads and FoF devilfish w/ firewarrior squads couldn't hurt
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Default Re: Tips versus IG and Eldar

lol, yeah, no such thing as TOO many railguns >!!! they are just TOO big to be bad!!! ;D
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Default Re: Tips versus IG and Eldar

never put the AFP on your el or O, because that is a waste of his ballistic skills.

You can never go wrong with fireknife. As of recently I fell in love with the FB, PR, MT combo as it fells termies like no tomorrow and tanks, and well even regular heavy infantry if need be. Take some piranhas with seeker missiles and then zoom them 24 to the side of his tanks, and then unleash the seeker missiles.
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Default Re: Tips versus IG and Eldar

Well, this looks like rather fun GEQ match. However since both armies are GEQ, units you have should not have too much of a problem handling both armies (assuming you know how to use them).



Shas'el with BC/MP +TA +HWMT
89 pionts


Stealth squad- 6 men
180 pionts

Crisis Team-3 men BC/MP + MT
179 pionts


FW squad-12 men w/Shas'ui + bonding knife
140 pionts

FW squad-12 men w/Shas'ui + bonding knife
140 pionts

FW squad-12 men w/Shas'ui + bonding knife
140 pionts

Fast Attack

Pathfinder squad- six men w/DF
152 pionts

Heavy Support

Hammerhead- railgun/BC + MT/DL
160 pionts

Hammerhead- railgun/BC + MT/DL
160 pionts

Hammerhead- railgun/BC + MT/DL
160 pionts

Total: 1500pionts

Against IG

This list strictly used in denying shots to the enemy, which in my experiences serves very well. Most of the army is completely mobolized. As a variation, you can get rid of the third FW squad, drop the Shas'uis and buy 2 DF for the other 2 FW squads to completely mobolize the army. All the suits should rid behind cover and JSJ every turn. Crisis are equipped with the best GEQ weapons. They should easily ignore all the saves of GEQs. They are also armed with a missile pod, you can go for the side armour of vechiles (chimeras are usually the best target, however Leman Russes are weak on their side too). Stealths should use their inflitrate. That allows them to get a round of shooting first turn. This usually gets around 7-8 kills per turn. So a squad would usually be reduced way below half strength. Firewarriors are your main firing line. Their 30" range should protect you from lasguns. However, whatch out fro heavy bolters and pie plates from Leman Russes/Bassies/Griffons. The hammerheads are the heart of your army. If he got tanks, well, there won't be many more tanks after a few turns of hammerhead shooting! They are far more mobile that LRs and their 72" should easily make a mess of LRs before their hull mounted lascannon gets you. Use the pathfiners. They usually will get the HH up to BS5, making an almost garunteed kill.


Eldar are incridably fast. Tau are fast, but Eldar are just plain speed demons. Don't try to outrun them, you'll get killed. JSJ is your friend here. You sould rely on suits. Eldar skimmers make railguns useless (thansk to the Skimmer rule and Holo-field). So Missilepods are your best friend. Multiple high-power shots usually bring down a skimmer a turn, if he has a falcon or waveserpet, use your crisis to bring them down. If the player brings gaudians or even unmounted dire avengers. Use the stealths. They make mince meat of them (I mean litereally!). Their guns are shorter ranged than the IGs and they can't really hurt you if you use JSJ. Firewarriors really need the support of all unts. They are expecially vulenerable to Eldar firepower when unmounted and a Serpant of Fury with Bladestorm can wipe out the FWs with relative ease. Hammerheads are pretty useless here, unless you count throwing pie plates ar Eldar! Only scorpians, bikes and reapers have saves better than 4+ so, it's pretty easy to wipe out whole squads with 3 pie plates. Hammerheads should worry about waveserpents with brightlances, Flacons with fire dragons or lanced vypers. However, you should be able to take them out long before they get in range (even if it means you have to fire the railgun at them).

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Re: Tips versus IG and Eldar

that's fantastic!

I'm a big fan of stealths so definitely a full team of them. I'm tempted to drop a hammerhead and get some piranhas, but otherwise it looks great.
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