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Shas'vre or Stealth Suits?
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Old 22 Nov 2006, 18:51   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shas'vre or Stealth Suits?

I've been having some trouble against MEQs, mainly space wolves with my list. Wolf-tau had some good recommendations and I have tried to combine them into something more fitting fluffwise for my list, while still being more effective.
I am trying to decide between 3 stealth suits or a CIB PR Shas'vre. I can see the merits of both but I'm afraid that adding this suit will reduce my model too low. However I really need to be able to kill MEQs faster, but I don't want this to be a tailored list.
Shas'vre suit - 85pts
Plasma Rifle
Targetting array
HW Multi-Tracker

Kills MEQs 24" .56
Kills MEQs 18" 1.67
Kills MEQs 12" 2.22


3 Stealth Suits 90pts

Kills MEQs 18" 1.00

This is my list btw.
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Default Re: Shas'vre or Stealth Suits?

I'm inclined to say drop the pod from your commander and give him the CIB and then put the Stealths in instead of the 'Vre...but I do have a strong love for the Stealths that may make me biased. the volume of fire from those Stealths will let them help with anti MEQ work as well as doing some real damage to GEQs of course.
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Default Re: Shas'vre or Stealth Suits?

there is nothing wrong with having one suit talored to kill one thing. That's generally how Tau do things anyway... I don't see why it's any different.
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Default Re: Shas'vre or Stealth Suits?

I prefer the stealth suit cause they can draw out more fire which will probably do nothing. With these guys in their side, the opposition will want to take then out with shooting, fail to see them and waste shots while with the crisis' JSJ they'll probably draw no fire. Also, their infiltration means they can draw out a part of his army to where they don't want to be. I think the annoyance they prove to be will be more than enough to make up for their actual lack of kills.
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