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Help with Cityfight
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Default Help with Cityfight

We just recently made some buildings at my store, and have been playing alot of cityfight lately. I almost always play marines, particulary black templar or lots of assault marines, and i have been absolutely killed. My current army is mostly mech, and it doesnt seem to work that well in cityfight, or atleast not for me. The only units i cant field are the skyray, vespid, and broadsides. Anyone have any tips for my situation? Thanks.
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Default Re: Help with Cityfight


Give them to your devilfishes. It's awesome in city fight.

I'd also recomdend 2 squads of kroot, 1 of stealth suits and the infiltrate stratagem.
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Default Re: Help with Cityfight

Any kind of skimmer you can get your hands on. They can fly right over buildings and surprise things and with SMS on DFish, SkyRays and Hammerheads they can stay out of LOS and still rock enemy infantry. BTW, SkyRays backed up with a pathfinder team are great when there is lots of terrain as in cityfight. Piranhas are good here too since they have the speed to get behind enemy units and the extra cover helps with their somewhat fragile nature.

Another good unit are the Vespid. With their skilled flyer ability they can fly from rooftop to rooftop and usually not fail dangerous terrain tests. Also as long as their are some infiltrating kroot or another unit at the bottom, no enemy units can really get up to them. Even if there isn't some unit to defend the ground floor, difficult terrain can often keep them from being assaulted. Another way to keep them from being assaulted is to make sure they completely cover the floor they are on, so there is no room for enemy assaulters to stand. This may however cause cries of cheese.
Putting different strategems in different buildings allows them to bail out of their current location toanother building and still get bonuses too. If you can afford to buy some for this scenario, I've found they are worth it.

As Falstead said, infiltrating kroot are also good, as are kroot with the sewer rats strategem.

Avoid Sniper Drones unless there are rooftops with very good fields of fire. I find that there is usually too much cover for snipers to be very effective.

Crisis suits do a good job, especially with an AFP or flamers. But standard loadouts do well too. Only deathrains are less effective because of the limitations on how far they can see thus they can't take full advantage of their 36" range. If your enemy is using fast assalters who fly, all crisis suits will be less effective.

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