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What to get next?
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lonely tau
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Default What to get next?

As the title entails, I am stuck on what to get next! Here is my current Tau army, and keep in mind I am doing my best to make a Mech-Tau army.

2 Ethereals (1 with Honor blade)
1 Commander Suit
4 Crisis Suits (1 Fireknife, others exchangeable)
6 Stealth Suits (XV-15s)
40 Kroot ( +2 hounds)
36 Fire Warriors
3 Devilfishies
8 Pathfinders
2 Pathfinders w/ Rail Rifles
2 Hammerheads (1 Rail, 1 interchangeable)
2 Broadsides

As Vash has advised, I believe I may be heading for a couple of piranhas, or some Sniper Drones, as I believe I have more than enough Troops :P. Any input you may have on this is appreciated, so get commenting!
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Default Re: What to get next?

Pirhannas would be good, maybe a Skyray Kit. Make it fully interchangeable so that you have one more DF (so now all your PFs and FWs can ride) or another Ionhead/Railhead or a Skyray. Best value for the flexibility it gives you for your army. I've got two DF now, and I'm not buying any other Fish chassis accept for the Skyray. Although it's mostly because I want Skyrays, I also don't want to be without the other options, as well.
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Default Re: What to get next?

Piranha and snipers are both excellent choices. If you get snipers, get at least two boxes, and same if you get Piranhas (though I would reccomend 4).
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