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Tau vs. Tyranids?
Closed Thread
Old 19 Nov 2006, 17:02   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau vs. Tyranids?

My friend recently started playing tyranids. The first few games I played him i got completly annihilated. He runs 50+ gaunts, super genestealers, and lots of big Fexes. Further more he insists on always playing city fights. Any ideas on how to beat this army?
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Default Re: Tau vs Tyranids?

Originally Posted by George Washington
My friend recently started playing tyranids. The first few games I played him i got completly annihilated. He runs 50+ gaunts, super genestealers, and lots of big Fexes. Further more he insists on always playing city fights. Any ideas on how to beat this army?
Welcome to TO

There are many articles on combating specific armies, I'm pretty sure their will be one for 'nids somewhere. There is a search function in the top right, but I'm sure others will give you some tips in this thread.

To beat his army we really need to know whats in your army and how many points you are playing at. In general you should try and get him to play other battles rather than city fight and try playing for objectives...this will help because it will focus other objectives rather than 'kill all'.

Carnies die to railguns or fusion blasters (just make sure you can get away again). Gaunts and Gene Stealer's die to pulse fire, the trouble is in city fight they can easily hide...I suggest an AFP (Air bursting Frag Projector) and T/L (twin linked) flamers...Kroot are also good to delay the 'nids getting into your main troops. I would personally like to go mech vs 'nids, but if you are playing city fight, thats very difficult and ineffective...

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Old 19 Nov 2006, 19:51   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau vs Tyranids?

Nobody likes using the search function, I've only recently started using it because a lot of people with fantastic views and opinions only voice them once - mine aren't particularily brilliant but they've worked for me so far - so I suggest you use the search function too - just to get a feel for the board!

'Fex's are nice and easy, quite frankly they're slow and cumbersome, and in city fight you'll have plenty of places to hide from one if its packing ranged weaponry. Don't worry about it too much, it should never really threaten you as you want to try and keep most of your forces mobile! For now, lets focus on the things that can hurt, fast stealers and numberless gaunts.

Luckily, there are some fantastic ways to kill these peskersome foes. As Genmotty mentioned, pulse fire is one of the many fantastic options available, easily killing any gaunts on the map, plus you can mount plenty of it! Fire warriors are a must in this case! Anything AP5 - the basic Tau arsenal - slaughters these guys, so bring out the flamers, these weapons were made for cityfight. Give them to your suits twin linked and then perhaps add on a fusion/plasma to take on the 'fex later.

Genestealers - faster and much stronger, they hurt when they hit you, these should be your first target. Against Tau, most players will add the carapace option to the stealer making him AV 4. While this offers him considerable protection from your AP5 weaponry, remember that's only half saves, fire enough and you'll still kill plenty - so take plenty. Also here Missile pods can be handy, with good range and multiple shots, they can really hurt.

The Important Bits:
  • Give all your vehicles smart missile systems, good range and ignore terrain!
  • Kroot are good fighters and excel in dense cover combat
  • Pulse weaponry packs a punch to these critters, take PLENTY
  • Crisis suits are in danger, be wary they can often fail due to dangerous terrain
  • Take out the fast before working on the slow - no matter how intimidating
  • Flamers and the AFP excel in city fight at killing gaunts
  • The CIB and Missile pods can quite easily knock 'stealers out of the park
  • Keep moving!

Hope this offers you a little help

-The Bleak Assassin-
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Default Re: Tau vs Tyranids?

Is he using the sewer rats strategem? If he is, just park units over the exit points so he has no where to pop up.

Use skimmers to block his incoming fast assaulters since skimmers are only ever hit on a 6 in CC. Piranhas, Devifish, and Hammerheads al work well.If done properly, his guants and stealers should get held up long enough by the skimmers for the rest of your army to chew them up.

Also, in against nids CoD use the AFP it is awesome against Nids.
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

In Cities of Death, make sure that any Crisis Suits you run are packing a flamer as a back-up weapon.
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Old 20 Nov 2006, 00:51   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

man tell your friend to not be so dang bossy first of all so you can both decide on a game map you want to play. Cause any shooty army is going to have a big disadvantage in city fights and he prolly knows that. that is probably why he insists on playing those so he can always win.

But i agree with Delvauries. Fast units need to die first. Sure, Carnifex's do look very intimidating, but you have a much bigger problem on your hand. All those gaunts and genestealers with "fleet." In about 2-3 turns the are going to be all over you.

Against Tyranids use alot of stealth suits and at least 2 Railheads. They railhead can not only wound a carnie, but it can also take out bunches of gaunts and genestealers with its submunition round. This is very effective.

Stealth suits are very good at also mowing down the gaunts and stealers'.

If you have any Broadsides then use them to attack the Carnifexes so that your HH's can blast his smaller but faster units to pieces. This way you will both kill some carnifexes while being able to dispose of his gaunts quickly

Crisis suits are always a go do thing to have. Since they can counter anything from light infantry to medium vehicles. A few Fireknifes can punch in some hits on the larger units (Carnifexes, Warriors, Tyrants).I like to use these so i have a good combination of my FW, SS, Kroot, and HH firing at his gaunts and genestealers, while my CS and BS fire at his heavier units.

I think it is a much better deal to use crisis suits against Carnifexes than a HH. A HH is only going to have 1 shot that can really kill them and carnies have alot of wounds..... So they could be doing something much more usefull such as submunitioning the gaunts. A crisis sqaud armed with plasma's can wound a carnifex just as easily as a HH, but they wont be able to do as much damageto lighter infantry than a HH.

And make sure your FW have devilfishes. That way you can use FoF to block them from assualting and also run away if they get to close.

Markerlights are a good thing to have. If you can hit them then they are going to be pinned. Pathfinders can field alot of these but it is a big risk taking them as they will likely be assualted very quickly. Having them on your FW squads is good though that way if you have one free turn where your not FoF'ing you can shoot it and hopefully pin them

and dont forgot about the mighty Kroot too! use them against these foul life-sucking aliens. They will be a match for genestealers and gaunts. The most obvious strategy for kroot is to infiltrate them and keep them guarding every Tau unit from assualt. Espiecally SS that have to get in close.
Just make sure your kroot are in a position to spoil any plan he has to assualt one of your units. You probably wont be able to get the charge since they can move 18", so keep them in cover so you will still get to attack first.

So in a nutshell: Take out all those Gaunts and Genestealers first, then focus on his slower units. Use FW's, Kroot, SS, and HH's to attack the fast moving units, and use CS, and BS to attack Carnifexs and heavier units. and regarding the cityfighting.....dont let him make all the rules when yall play....

-Made by the awsome Photoshoper TchicoriTa
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

Thanks for the help. Like you guys said, I try to take down the fast stuff first, but i also forgot to metion, he has a 300+ point genestealer squad that infiltates with the broodlord. Any Ideas here? theres kind of a reason we always play cityfights to add on to your statement: he gets beat miserably whenever we play other stuff, so this is kind of a challange for me. I know theres a different section of the forums for this, but someone asked so sorry if i made someone mad. Anyway heres what im running:
1500 points

Shas'o with Plasma, missle, Hw mt and positional relay
4 battle suits (in squads of 2 with missles, plasma and t array)
3 squads of 12 firewarriors
6 pathfinders
5 gundrones (i ussualy attach these to my comander)
2 railheads
2 broadsides

sometimes we play 1850, then i add stealth suits, 2 kroot squads and a second comander.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

Unfortunately, as what Delvaurious said, most people do not like using the search function. :'(

So, I dug up one of my old Nid tacticas:

This is an old Nid tactica I wrote a while back:

My list:

1 Commanader Crisis:Helios

3 Crisis: Brightwind (plamsa/burstcannon/MT)
6 Steatlhs
6 Stealths

12 FW mounted on DF (MT/DL/FD)
12 FW mounted on DF (MT/DL/FD)
12 FW unmounted
12 FW unmounted
20 Kroot (w/Hounds/Shaper)

8 Pathfinders (not railrifles) mounte on DF (MT/DL)
12 Gun drones
12 Gun drones

1 Hammerhead (Railgun, burst cannon, MT/DL)
1 Hammerhead (Railgun, burst cannon, MT/DL)
3 Broadsides (Plasma rifles, MT (or D'yi when it comes out))


The commander is designed to hunt down tyrants or carniflexes. With Ap2 or lower, there are no saves possible for them. Since there is lots of terrian you shouldn't be in much trouble when you JSJ.

Brightwind Crisis are insane against hordes. They have the highest amount of firepower for Crisis configs. Use these espeically agaisnt warriors.

Stealths are possible the bane of 'Nids. They spew out massive amounts of AP5 shots (18 per team) and gaunts/stealers would not stand a chance. As a plus, they should have a hard time getting you thanks to the stealth field.

Mounted FWs are for FoF. With Flechette Dischargers (FD), hordes have to pass an armor save, which most 'Nids have porblems with. When you dimished their horde, soak them with pulse fire (24 rapid fire shots are quite deadly).

Unmounted FWs form a firebase to 1) Provide cover fire for your mounted FW and 2) Provide cover fire after the mounted FW FoF a horde. This team should be able to finish off the rememnts of a horde (which by then there shouldn't be many left.)

Kroot provide the essential backup if your FW are in a tight situation. They can provide a devastating counter-charge (Who can say no to 40 Str.4 attacks?) Use them.

Pathfinders (especially with the new rules) increase your deadly effencicy. Use them agressively. Place them within 2 ft. of the biggest baddie so that your Heavy support can easily take care of them. Also, light up hordes so that your FWs get an "unfair" advantage (As if they need one Grin).

Drones are the "expendable" side of your force (even though they cost more than the average FW). Use them to tie up fast units (ex. Raveners). They can hold them off your a turn or 2 and even pin them. This should buy your force a preciuos turn or 2.

Hammerheads provide the first wave of bombardment. They make 5" holes in your enemy lines and can shrug off most attacks. What out for the stray vemon cannon! Use a squad of drones to protect your heavy support.

Broadsides are also a bombardment weapon. Don't waste your Str.10 shots on a gaunt. Use them where they belong. Tyrants, Zopaplothes, Carniflexes!

Bascicly, don't rush the 'Nids. They'll come to you.

Hope it hopes
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

Well from the other perspective (it always helps) a nid player (like me) finds tau extremley annoying when played well.
I have a buddy who i used to play alot Tau vrs Nids and the most annoying thing he did was bunch all his stuff up in one corner (refused flank tactics?) . We nicknamed it the 'Square of doom' as most of my nids that got close to it were mowwed down whith rapid fireing pulse carbines and a hek load of burst cannons.
The broadsides were great against my winged tyrant and carnifex while the kroot can hold there own for a turn or even two against hormagaunts.
Although i didn't play in CF terrain...
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Default Re: Tau vs. Tyranids?

if the gaunts have without number just leave one alive so you don't have to kill them all over again
remember if there isn't any synapse creatures around the gaunts (12" i think) the gaunts have to take an "animal instincts" (i think) test, with their leadership they will basically always run.
And only warriors, hives, broodlords and sometimes zoanthropes have synapse so a carnifex isn't gonna do him any good near them
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