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500pt Battle Report + Question
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Default 500pt Battle Report + Question

Today I played 3 500pts games so I'll jsut skim through them all quickly.

First, my list:
Commander (Shas’el Ke’elshan Kais) - 97pts
Hardwired Multi-tracker, Targeting Array
Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle, Targetting Array

Crisis Suit (Shas’ui Ke‘elshan Dec) - 63pts
Twin-linked Missile Pods, Plasma Rifle

6x Fire Warriors - 60pts

6x Fire Warriors - 60pts

10x Kroot - 70pts

Fast Attack
Phiranha - 60pts
Sorry Nathan, couldn't help myself. :-[Dw tho, this guy definitly earnt his place in my army today.

Heavy Support
Broadside Suit(Shas’ui Ke‘elshan Shovah) - 80pts
Advanced Stabilisation System


1) Tau vs Guard
He had two chimeras and a Lascannon toting command section with attached sentinal. (Illegal, I know but it's not overpowered and it's hard for them in 500pts) First turn I was tonnes nervous about the lascannon and it's effects on my suits so I hid my broadside and hit them with SMS while JSJ with the crisis took care of one chimera. On turn 2 I put the phiranha infront of the bunker, taking them out of the game and cracked open the second chimera. After that the rest of the army was easily picked off with my superior shooting.

2) Tau vs Space Wolves
He had two greyhunter squads, a venerable dreadnought and wolf scouts. The wolfscouts chose to infiltrate and took a meltagun shot at the broadside which luckily failed and they got charged by the kroot. His fear of tau firepower and my superior movement meant I chokepointed the rest of his forces and the 24" move on the phiranha meant I blocked that off too. When his dread got destroyed he was forced to go around the blocking phiranha where they were all picked of except for one. The sole survivor got shot to pieces the moment he came out of combat. I lost a couple of FW's to the dreads assault cannon and a few kroot to the scouts.

3) Tau vs Tyranids
This one was actually tooled to be anti-tau. (Tho not very well) He took 16 gargoyles, 3 shooty warriors, 6 genestealers and a lictor. The stealers were waylaid then destroyed by the kroot, the lictor fell to the suits in combat (And it wasn't even because I was particularily lucky) and the gargoyles came down, chased off 4 FW's (who rallied) then got shot up by the rest of the army. There was no way the warriors could face a tau army in shooting. I took 2 FW casulties and 3 kroot casualties in total.

After this win I stopped playing with my tau as the only other player there was an eldar player who had pretty much nothing at 500pts and the outcome seemed pretty set before we started.

Which leads me to my question. Are the tau overpowered in 500pts? JSJ, 60pt fast skimmers and kroot, it seems a bit tipped against armies like eldar and marines whose "cheap" squads are 100pts+. This question may be kinda weird considering I read only an hour earlier that Tau really get going at 1000pts.
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Default Re: 500pt Battle Report + Question

Myself, I would have dropped the Scouts and taken a Land Speeder Tornado. The HB/Assault Cannon combo would have done BAD things to your roster. I would have targeted the Broadside first with the Speeder. This would have made it a LOT easier to deal with the rest of your roster.
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Default Re: 500pt Battle Report + Question

I think you might have been quite lucky.

I don't think the Tau are over powered in small games it just that its much harder for other armies to face a 500pt Tau list unless its been semi-customised. For instance the guard player took alot of vehicles against a battle suit which would hit and do damage against vehicles and be able to hide afterwards, and you had a broadside which could add to the vehicle popping.

If the guards players list had contained more troops and less vehicles you might have found it harder particularly if there had been a few more special weapons/heavy weapons. Of course I'm making the assumption that the guard player was light on troops 2 squads in Chimera, one in bunker, command squad on foot, yes?

In general I think at 500pts the Tau have a massive advantage with their XV8 style suits as there will always be a lack of ordinance or heavy weapons to take them out. Plus the Tau can bring mobile armour at low price making an opponent react to the Tau player rather than the Tau player reacting to the opponent.

Originally Posted by Puppyblue
The stealers were waylaid then destroyed by the kroot, the lictor fell to the suits in combat
Is that close combat? If it is, thats unlikely and not a norm.

To discuss this scenario futher I think we need to know roughly how much terrain and of what type was being used and what was the size of the board...I myself have used a large board and three Hammerheads with railguns (1 borrowed) to waste an ork army with very few casualties on my part. Results can be affected by factors other than the units used...

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Old 19 Nov 2006, 03:13   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 500pt Battle Report + Question

So it's not that my army is particularily cheesey but because their armies weren't very well built? That makes me feel better. Cause by the end of that day I felt like I was playing with the most cheesey army in the world, or at least for 500pts.

Is that close combat? If it is, thats unlikely and not a norm.
The kroot were pillboxing from a wreckage so they got a fair few shots on the stealers and also got to strike first against them in combat. By the time they got into combat there were only 2 of the 6 left and they died before they got to strike.

Against the lictor, the 3+ save really stopped him in his tracks while 5 S5 attacks took him down in 2 turns despite the suits crappy WS.
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