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[Batrep] Tau vs Deathguard, 1500 Pts
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Default [Batrep] Tau vs Deathguard, 1500 Pts

This was a pick up game played against the most competitive player at my local GW.

The lists were as such:


Shas'O, MP, PR, SG, hw MT

6 Stealth Suits

Shas'vre Monat

Shas'vre Monat

12x Fire Warriors, Shas'ui

12x Fire Warriors, Shas'ui
Devilfish with MT, DL, 2 seeker missiles

8x Pathfinders, Shas'ui
Devilfish with MT, DL 2 Seeker Missiles

8x Gun Drones

Railgun, SMS, DL, TL, MT


TOTAL: 1485

(this is only approximate, as I did not see his actual list, and it is not always obvious guessing their numbers)

Nurgle Lord,
Demonic Flight, Reaper Scythe, Chaos Fury (? a template psychic weapon...)
Some invulnerable save (mark of chaos?)

8x Nurgle Marines, 2 Melta Guns, Infiltrate

7x Nurgle Marines, 2x Plasma Guns, Infiltrate

7x Nurgle Marines, 2x Plasma Guns

15(?) Nurgle Marines, 2x Flamers

7x Nurglings

TL Lascanon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons,
Mutated Hull, Searchlight

Autocanon, Lascanon Sponsons,
Mutated Hull, Searchlight

Total: 1500

The mission was gamma level Take and Hold.

Terrain and setup:

The board was 6x4, and urban battleground. Along my board edge, from left to right were a large fountain in the corner, a very large single story building at an angle in front of that. In the middle of my deployment was a 12" square of Size 2 Ruins, and to the right, a large 2 story building. In the middle of the board, a 6" square of size 2 ruins, with a doorway on one edge marking the center. To the left of that was a a large .. sewer pipe, blocking line of sight. In his zone were (from my left to right) a 3 story building, in the middle were some hills giving 5+ cover, and to the right, another 3 story building.

Deployment: I do my best to hide my skimmers behind the 2 buildings, so the DF with Firewarriors are on the fountain, with the skyray, while the hammerhead tries to fit behind the building to my right. The dismounted firewarriors I put in the central ruins. Pathfinders go behind the building to my right, with the devilfish hidden behind the building. HQ and deathrain deploy alongside the skyray.

He places his 2 preds on either side of the hill, his nurglings on the hill, one squad of plasma Marines in the building to my left, the flamer squad in the building to my right. His lord goes beside the plasma marines.

Infiltrate: This I think is what really screwed me up.. I didn't Realise Deathguard could infiltrate... :S:S He gets to infiltrate first, and places his Melta Marines 12" into the building in front of the fountain. The other plasma squad infiltrates in front of his flamer marines. My Stealth Suits (now that there are Melta marines where I wanted to put them) are forced to deploy between the ruins, at the center of the table.

This leaves my gundrones and Helios to Deepstrike.

He wins turn one (of course).

DG Turn 1:
He moves his Lord from the building in the corner right up behind the sewer pipe. The plasma marines to my left move up. His Melta Marines move 6" through cover towards my skyray. Flamer and plasma marines to my right advance through cover. The 2 Preds move up onto the hill.

Shooting: the 2 Preds and plasma marines (one dies from overheated plasma) manage to stun my hammerhead. His melta Marines, just within 6" of the edge of the building, can see my Skyray. 2 Melta shots later, there is no more skyray.

TAU Turn 1:

I must say, I was kind of... shocked by the destruction of the skyray. This is when I made... a game losing decision I think. Unwilling to move the devilfish away from out from behind the building and into line of sight of 2 tanks, I decide to FOF the deathguard, with support from my HQ and deathrain. My hammerhead, unable to fire, moves behind the building, trading places with the pathfinder devilfish. Stealth Suits jump towards my right flank, to support get far away from the lord. Tau in the ruins move up, to within 12" of center (still in the ruins though)/

Shooting: I reveal the stupidity of my FOF... 3 dead Nurgle Marines, has 4 Nurgle Marines just within 12" inches of my fire warriors. My stealths, not in range of anything else, fire at the nurglings, inflicting 1 wound. the pathfinders light up the squad of plasma marines on my right, 4 ML hits. I reduce cover save to 6+, and fire 2 seekers. Only one hits, causing 1 dead Marine.

Assault: Move my HQ and deathrain away from the nurgle marines. Stealth can't quite get all the way behind the Pathfinder's building.

Nurgle turn 2:

Lord moves up into the center of the building to my left. Melta Marines advance 6" trough cover. Plasma Marines to the left move up behind the sewer pipe. To my right, the marines move up. Nurglings advance towards the center of the table. Preds don't move.

Pred with Autocanon tries to shoot some Stealth suits. Gets 12" for spotting distance, so can't do anything. The other pred shoots my Pathfinder Devilfish, along with the plasma marine, destroying the burst canon.

Assault: Melta Marines Get another 6" of movement through the fountain, allowing them to assault my Firewarriors. The kill 3, I fail Leadership and fall back.

Tau turn 2: Helios Comes in, deepstriking to the left of the lascanon Pred. To my left, the Devilfish, HQ and Crisis move behind the wreck of the skyray. Hammerhead moves to the right, getting line of sight to the Autocanon Pred. Stealths jet pack into the pathfinder building. Firewarriors in the center don't move, the others fall of the table. Pathfinder devilfish drops its Drones and moves behind the building.

Shooting: the Helios Hits, and penetrates the Lascanon Pred, Immobilising and stunning it (though the stun is ignored?). Hammerhead Tries to take out the autcanon tank, hitting, but failing to penetrate the AV 14 front. Smart missiles fail to cause damage to the plasma marines. Pathfinders light these guys up again, and I hit them with 2 more seekers, killing 2. Stealths kill 1 more. My HQ, deathrain and FW devilfish fail to kill any marines. FW in the center can barely see one of the plasma hiding behind the pipes. Shooting kills him.

Assault: HQ and deathrain try to run from the marines. Stealths go behind the pathfinder building.

Nurgle turn 3:

Preds don't move, the lord moves up towards my HQ, Melta Marines move 6" through cover towards my HQ. Nurglings move towards my helios. Plasma marines move up, while the Flamer marines go 2".

Shooting: Lascanon and lone pred fails to damage the hammerhead. Autocanon Pred opens up on the pathfinders, killing 2. No other shooting.

Assault: the 3 remaining plasma marines assault the 2 drones, consolidate towards the pathfinders. Nurglings assault the Helios, doing no damage, while I finish off one base.

Tau turn 3:

Pathfinder Devilfish evacuates the pathfinders towards the rear, while the stealths get into position to shoot at the flamer marines. Hammerhead Moves up over the pathfinder building. HQ, Death rain and Devilfish are pretty much trapped by the lord and nurgle marines, try to squeeze out. FWs in the center stay still.

Shooting: HQ deathrain and devilfish kill off to more melta marines. Stealths kill 2 flamer marines, while the SMS form the hammerhead brings the advancing plasma marines down to 1, but fails to hit the autocanon pred with the railgun.

Assault: Nurglings overwhelm the Helios, consolidate towards the center of the table. HQ and deathrain try to escape the trap, moving towards the center. Stealths jump back behind cover.

Nurgle turn 4: Nurglings and plasma marines move towards the center. Remaining plasma marine to my right moves into the building. Flamer marines move up. Melta marines and lord move closer to my HQ.

Shooting: the preds manage to stun my Hammerhead, the melta marines sand destroy the Firewarrior Devilfish.

Assault: Lone Plasma gunner assaults the stealths, but falls to 8 I 10 attacks. Lord gets into assault with my deathrain, killing him and consolidating into my shas'o.

Tau turn 4: Stealths move up to shoot, hammerhead moves partially behind the building (but still in line of sight, unfortunately) while the pathfinder devilfish, far from any harm, doesn't move. Tau in ruins don't move.

Shooting: Center fire warriors take pot shots at the nurglings, inflict a wound or 2. Stealths cause another 2 casualties to the flamer marines.

Assault: Shas'O inflicts 2 wounds on the lord, while receiving 2 as well.

Nurgle turn 5:

Melta Marines try to move up to support the lord, but don't move far as they climb through the wreck of my skyray. Nurglings and plasma marines continue advancing to the center. Flamer marines have had enough and move back towards cover.

Shooting: The Preds finally manage to gun down my hammerhead. No other shooting

Assault: The lord kills off my Shas'O, consolidates 6" towards my Firewarriors.

Tau Turn 5: Fire Warriors try to advance into rapid fire range of the lord, but they only go 1" (this also helped bunch them together... if I realised that Only 3 would be in range, I would have spread the rest out somewhat). Stealths Jump into the building again. Pathfinder Devilfish tries to move up in support of the firewarriors, but dropping the pathfinders would not accomplish anything (LOS blocked by the ruins). Gun Drones Drop into the ruins at the center of the table (i had forgotten to roll for reserves the turn before).

Shooting: Fire warriors rapid fire... but only 3 are in range. 6 shots, 3 hits 2 wounds, and one failed save later, the lord has 1 wound left. Stealths Kill off one more flamer marine, before jumping behind cover. Gun Drones inflict a couple of wounds to the nurglings.

Nurgle Turn 6:

Lord flies 12" towards the Fire warriors, the autocanon pred moves 12" towards the center. Plasma Marines move closer to the ruins in the center.

Shooting: THe plasma marines shoot and kill four gun drones, with the lascanon pred. Lord uses Fury of chaos on my Fire Warriors. As they are now nicely bunched together (well, it's more of a line than a bunch, but whatever) hits 9, kills 6.

Assault: the nurglings assault the remaining drones, killing one while suffering no wounds. Drones fall back. Lord assaults into the firewarriors, who strike simultaneously (I'm in cover, he has frag grenades). He inflicts 5 casulties (got 4+ 1D6 attacks.. he rolled a 6..). However, the firewarriors manage to inflict 2 wounds... with 1 going through the armour. Huzzah! The Fire warriors kill off a lord in CC.

Tau Turn 6:
Stealths, pathfinder devilfish, advance to the center, devilfish dropping off the 6 pathfinders. Lone fire warrior fails his man alone test, and falls back.

Shooting: Stealths and Pathfinders reduce the nurglings below 50% since they can't see the plasma marines hiding behind the ruins.


At the end of the Game, Nurgle Marines have 2 scoring units at the objective, while I also have 2.

Hoewever, he gains more VP points than I do, since I only have 401 points left, to his 886. In the end, a 400 point difference gives Nurgle a Solid Victory.

Looking at my list, i could have added in another seeker, but didn't have the model for one. Also, I think I'm going to change my Elite Crisis abit, as they were not the greatest (I know the Shas'vre is useless on 1... that was because I changed the loadout to make him cheaper... and forgot to bump him down to an 'ui. Also, i think I'll reduce the Helios to a Shas'ui Team lead to save the 5 points.

Now, I'd like a few comments... what could I have done better?
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Deathguard, 1500 Pts

Hmm...it seems like you were largely a victim to losing initiative and bad rolls, but I have a few suggestions for you.

First, you seemed to be counting on the seeker missile strikes playing a large part in your strategy; you had 200 points in missle boats and another 220 points in pathfinders. That's a LOT of points to put into a single aspect of your army. He took out your Skyray on the first turn, and that was huge. Skyrays' are cool and all, but I probably wouldn't emphasize them so much at the 1500 point level. Still, I think putting a little infantry support in front of the Ray (thus requiring a leadership check) might have saved it and given you at least 1 salvo of missiles. One round of firing with the Stingray could have made a huge difference in the game.

Next, I probably wouldn't have used so many Stealth Suits, or at least I wouldn't have used them as you did. Your Stealth Suits killed around 6 troops based on the numbers you described. Your suits didn't make up the points they were worth. In the numbers you had them, I would have used them to directly harass the Lord. I would try to keep him at distance and blast him with 18 shots per round as long as you could.

Last, I would point out that your list is very troop heavy. Outside of the Helios and the Railhead you have little anti-armor support. He basically minimized all of your anti-armor capability by stunning your railhead and assaulting your helios. To prevent this, I would have chosen less infantry or taken away their transports instead. With the points you saved, I would have picked another unit with anti-armor capabilities (i.e. another Helios, a Broadside, a Piranha, etc.). Additional units concentrating fire on one of the Predators could have forced him to make a choice on targets. If he continues to concentrate on your Hammerhead, then whatever unit you chose would have been able to get closer and finish the job. I would have probably chosen the Piranha in this case, as it can't be locked up by being assaulted. Also, he would have lost one of his Predators around the same time you lost your Hammerhead, and the other one would be in trouble the next round.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything that can be improved besides luck. Hope my comments were helpful.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Deathguard, 1500 Pts

I think you should have dropped the skyray and the pathfinders, they ended up doing a whole lot of nothing that game. Instead, get two seperate piranhas with fusion blasters, but don't put seekers on them, no noeed to weigh them down with points. I like deathrain crisis put i have to say against the units he had you'd be much better off with two units of crisis, one with t.l. plasma and targetting arrays, and one with standard fireknife. Even though i'm not a huge fan of kroot, i have to say swap them in in the stead of your gundrones, lets face it, the gun drones had no chance of picking off the back armor on preds anyway. The kroot could wait in terrain and shoot and wait to be assaulted, acting as a buffer against the chaos lord or any squads of advansing marines.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Deathguard, 1500 Pts

I'm thinking that in the future, I'd take the points saved by changing up the crisis, as well as reducing the number of Drones and seekers to add in 1 or 2 Piranhas. Though what I want to do for certain is replace the Gun Drones with another Devilfish for the Dismounted Fire Warriors.

However, at the moment, I like the Skyray and Pathfinders. I can support a squad of rapid firing FWs by giving them BS5, or send in a volley of S 8 AP3 missiles on a small bt dangerous squad of marines, or even use a single markerlight hit (from the skyray) to ensure a hit from the railgun, for example. The markerlights give flexibility that I don't want to be rid of. As for the Skyray being useless because it was shot down... well, a second hammerhead would have been shot down just as easily as the Skyray.

Now, one of the big reasons the Stealth, pathfinders and firewarriors did "nothing" is because I was trying to conserve them, denying victory points for the enemy, and use them to take the center in the last turn (which is what happened for the stealths and pathfinders. at this level, they receive points equal to their value for being on the objective.

ooooh, sweet, my first karma point
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