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Special Issue Tactica?
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Default Re: Special Issiue Tactica?


Well...the Positional relay is meant to bring in one resereve unit at a time on a roll of a 2+...thats a good odd that a reserv may come in, but you can only bring in one unit.

The caommand and control node makes it so that any friendly Tau model within 12" of that model to use its Ld when it comes to some checks...this is a great bet to put on a Shas'O becaus of his Ld of 10.

I had One commander design that kinda went like this...the hard points all had weapons..Plasma rifle, Missle pod, Cyclic Ion blaster....hard wired multy tracker...
I have never field tested it yet...I need to get a Shas'O box set really soon...my usual one would probably have Plasma rifle, Cyclic Ion blaster and Command and control node...

just my personal opinion...peace out
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Default Re: Special Issue Tactica?

The Positional Relay is about the best of the new upgrades when you really stop to look at its rules. The advantage it gives you is not the fact that it lets one unit come in on a 2+. That is just icing on the cake. The true purpose of the Positional Relay is to give you the ability to reliably bring reserves on in turns 4, 5, and 6. Most armies are forced to roll for reserves and then forced to bring them on when they are available. Thus, there are rarely any reserves left late in the game, and it is never safe to plan for. Tau, on the other hand, can deep-strike Crisis Suit or Stealthsuit units in turns 2, 3, and 4 and then drop small drone squadrons in the final turns of the game, wrapping up quadrants and objectives that your opponent had thought perfectly safe.

The other key fact about the Positional Relay is that you may not have to use it in every turn. You can use it in turns 2 and 3 to bring down one unit at a time, and then turn it off in turn 4 to bring down the rest all at once. What it gives you is control over reserves to a level that no other army can boast.
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Default Re: Special Issue Tactica?

Originally Posted by Gabriel

Cyclic Ion blaster - Although the description of this weapon gets a little wierd towards the end, it pretty much does exactly what they say that it should do in the flavor text....
GW launched a TAU FAQ at some point stating that we should ignore the words: "regardless of the target's toughness" and assume that the sentence ends at AP1.

Anyway I have used the CIB and the AFP with succes though the AFP isnt always reliable. The thing about it is that some of the guys I have played against fear it because it uses a large blast marker.
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Default Re: Special Issue Tactica?

i think that shaso did make its points back
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