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Against the Evil Eldar, What Should I Take?
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Default Against the Evil Eldar, What Should I Take?

I'm new and I have not that much of a clue as what to take and what type of army to make to kill Eldar. I'm not very versed in 40K so any help is appreciated as I know quite a few guys collecting the new Eldar...

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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?


I'm pretty green too, but I have this really experienced friend who plays ulthwe eldar. There was one time we decided to fight, and I just blew him away with no problem. Granted, this was with the old codex, and his army was set up to kill marines, (this was just after a 2v2 match where the two of us fought a marine and a guard) but the game went a lot easier than I expected.

I'm sure others will say this too, but generally speaking, the Tau have a fairly straightforward time dealing with eldar, because the relatively low armor and toughness of most of their units are very vulnerable to numerous high strength shots, something the tau have plenty of. That means all our lower-end stuff (like pulse rifles) and our mid-range stuff (like missile pods) are all very effective against them, be it infantry and vehicles.

With the new codex, I hear from the more senior members that in general, their vehicles have become a bit worse (I think they're probably tougher, yet less deadly), and that their infantry have generally become stronger. However, even with this, I don't think it changes our situation much against the eldar. The trick still probably be to take as many multi-shot weapons as possible, and to take out their faster elements as quickly as possible. Skimmers will probably be very effective against them because they will help keep your infantry away from theirs, and because eldar long-ranged anti-vehicle weapons are not very accurate.

Check this post out for more info: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=34142.0
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

Most any Eldar will melt in the face of the Burst Cannon. However, for taking out those heavy-armoured Aspect Warriors and Light Vehicles (War walkers are supposed to be growing exponentially in use), a Missile Pod or Plasma Rifle might be more desired.
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

How about a railhead? mince any tanks or wave serpents plus the submunition shot Plus burst cannons/sms should make a mess of there squads.
There New pheonix lords are immune to insta death and have a 2+ sv so plasma might be good vs them
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

Missile Pods are the ultimate anti-Eldar weapon. They have two shots, can instant kill a large majority of their stuff, pierces a ton of armor, has great range, and (when massed) can take out their skimmers with ease.

Besides that pulse weaponry is pretty good. You'll wound on twos most of the time. As an eldar player closes in on you their firepower gets much more effective, so keeping at arms length with longer ranged weapons will do you well.

Just remember Missile Pods.

Note: Railguns, unless fired a lot, are actually much worse at bringing down eldar tanks than IonHeads. They're skimmers so they'll pull the same stuff that us Tau players use with our fishes.
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

One unit you may have to fear is the Striking scorpions...I have a friend who uses them to very deadky effectiveness....beware the infiltration. I mean...3+ saves and can totally slauter almost anything in close combat. Banshees can be feared too..but not nearly as much as the Scopions. I had one game when (3 player free for all...I was tau, then there was Eldar and Nurgle chaos) and his Banshees where heading in my direction, I paniced and I had one squad fire into that suad of 8....only one survived that volley.

Ive realized though that the Eldar and Tau make great badass alies.
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

Missile pods, skimmers and jet packs.

Hit any of his long range high fire power units first and don't let his combat specialist assault your lines.
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Default Re: Aginst the Evil Eldar What Should I Take?

Ah, a cry for help (Auxilio!), and against Eldar none the less!* Seeing as it has been a while since I have played against an Eldar army, I will give the Scholarly view on it, followed by the few things I have noticed throughout my very few games with them, weather or not they will hold any effects to the new Pointy-Ears is a different question*

* Now, from a Scholarly view on this matter you will see that most Eldar players are very experienced in the first place, and so you will not find many gaps in their tactics, meaning it is a game of Army VS Army rather than Mind VS Mind.* The second thing you will notice about many (in fact, all if I remember correctly) is that they must have Dire Avengers now (1+ choice).* Next would be the Skimmer Problem everyone has at one point or another, as they are very hard to kill seeing as you will rarely penetrate them, which brings us to a serious problem.* And finally we need to keep those damned combat specialists away from us!

* In the game of Army VS Army you are still focusing on tactics, but unlike other situations you are using tactics made for your army.* As I have already stated, most Eldar players have been playing for a while and so know plenty of tactics to utilize against you, and often times this makes them a very formidable opponent.* Whilst in conflict against them, you must remember to use their weakness' against them, such as low armor save troops, low armored vehicles and etc.* I find the best weapon for this job is the Ion Cannon.* Although this one weapon in itself will not win the game, it will put tons of stress on your opponent and will definitely be able to disrupt most of their strategies with a few well placed shots.*

* Secondly we run into Dire Avengers, their new 1+ choice.* Now, you may be wondering why I bring these up and not any other units, well the simple reason for that is your bound to see them.* Simple enough to eliminate them however, with a 4+ save they are on a medium level of protection, and in essence, a Fire Warrior with different equipment (and a better statline :P).* However, the one main problem we run into is when they pull a mock FOF on us in a Wave Serpent or a Falcon.* The first bit I hate about this tactic is that the two Transports in question are Skimmers, and they will most likely be moving enough for that little all glancing bonus we all enjoy.* Target Priority plays a very large part in this example, and you should always eliminate the Dire Avengers before they get a chance to pull this trick on you (although you should eliminate heavy weapons first).*

* And now for the Skimmer problem.* Everyone dreads this bit, Tau player or not nobody wishes to deal with Skimmers while they are on the opposing team, and so they are instantly labeled as a large nuisance.* I would suggest, seeing as their armor isn't the best out there (although formidable) taking a Railgun to deal with them (as they do it better than anyone else) and pack in a couple of Ion Cannons/Missile Pods just so you can take out those vehicles much more easily, problem solved.* Or is it?* These little dudes are extremely tough to crack if the Crystal Targetting Matrix still does the same thing as it used to, and you are going to have to get in close to deal with them in that case.* There I cannot help you, unfortunately, and so I am going to do my best to find an Eldar opponent to find out the best way to combat this strategy!

* Finally, we have the combat specialists to deal with.* I am assuming that Striking Scorpions can infiltrate for this, seeing as I have not read the new Eldar 'dex and somebody said they could...* Anyways, these are a large nuisance, starting really close to you and having a 3+ save always hurts you!* My biggest piece of advice would be to do enough damage to make them run or so they become crippled to the point where they can't do much anymore.* As for Howling Banshees, I believe I should say the same about what I said with the Dire Avengers, don't let them hit your lines!* This can be achieved multiple ways, but I would suggest putting the Banshees right behind Dire Avengers on the Target Priority list.* Another great distractions can be infiltrating Kroot right next to the Striking Scorpions, as this will make them either run after the kroot, or get stabbed in the back by some very pointy blades!

Hope this helps you out a bit, that is all I am here for* :P

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Default Re: Against the Evil Eldar, What Should I Take?

I thought they eliminated crystal targetting matrix, so no more of the move shoot move anymore.
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Default Re: Against the Evil Eldar, What Should I Take?

Look at reality of the game. Eldar, even new eldar, have no real answer for Tau. They have to get real close or flit around. They have no way of fighting Tau in the Tau type of shooting battle. Nothing you have is weak against their saves, nothing they have is strong beyond 18" in sufficient quantity, and thier ability to move and shoot is marginalized by the amount of decent meduim weapons you posses in a "take on all comers" typical list. Crisis suits, stealth teams, and hammerheads are all very difficult for eldar. You JSJ is just such an optimum weapon that they will have to focus on it or die. By focusing on it, they will make themselves vulnerable to that which Tau have beyond most army: Fire concentration. 5+ invulneralble is the best they can muster for troops. Once their fast moving units are crippled, they have only skittering light infantry that even IG troopers can shoot down. Fear not, and boldy go where the Tau take you.

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