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The Time of The Tau is Today
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Old 28 Jun 2004, 10:08   #1 (permalink)
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Default The Time of The Tau is Today



This is TheOutsider. Many may know me as a necron player that floats

around this board, been necrony. However my necrons recently came to a pre-mature end as

with the new rules i found my pariahs (the last things on my agenda) were to be made

obselete by the new rules (full story see necron board).

Although tempting as

it is to do orks, i've painted a few and not got that much pleasure out of it. Plus

as a dedicated skaven fan for...wait...let me see....5 years im not in the mood for

painting up huge armies - painting ain't my thing don't have the patience but i

still like a painted army which is why i chose necrons as there expensive models and easy

to paint.

However my eyes constantly light up when i see the tau models, these

guys are a dream. I love all the models - not so much the exposed heads, and not kroot.

But lack of enthuasim for them is made up for massive enthuasim for all lots of

firewarriors, battlesuits and stealthsuits.

However before i rush in

compeletey - even getting the book i thought hey i run around TAUONLINE (cheers, appluse,

boo...wait boo! get him! *culprit is taken and beaten and thrown out). Why not gets some

hints. I know im looking for a very mobile, hard hitting tau army. I don't really

want to get kroot, rather make up for there absent with a combind deadly array of

stealthsuits, pathfinders, battlesuits, broadsides and many small squads of firewarriors

who pack a punch but if overwhelmed it doesn't matter.

That's the

plan at least? any hints for a budding new tau player to think about?
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

hmm if u want

mobility + heavy weapons then i'd say 1 full broadside team and 2 hammerheads..

assuming you want to fill the force organisation chart.. well thats what i got in mind..

and also stealthsuits are good, get a lot of them.. im getting more sometime..
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

Why don't you just wait and see what the

new rule book has in store before jumping to conclusions. I have been around to see

40K re-relesed afew times and every time it has happened people say there army is going

to be crap in the new rules. Some times they are, but not always. Just wait

and see.
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Old 29 Jun 2004, 00:49   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

oh i don't

think necrons are going to be c***. Just pariahs. Which were the founding point for the

project i was working on - i.e. an assaulting necron army. But they will be c*** - they

were average before, but the only thing that kept them alive was hiding behind necron

squads - even then nasty little units like stealthsuits, whirlwinds, basilisks, jetbikes

shred them. Ick ick ick. Now if you pass a ld test, plasma weapons to the fore will wipe

out this unit even faster before it has any effect whatsoever. If i what the gauss

blasters ill take immortals - they get WWB same toughness, teleportation ability, and the

firepower and cheaper to boot. Sounds like a plan.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

If thats the case, then go for 2

hammerheads and a barracuda for heavys. Also, get 3-5 devilfish mounted fire

warrior squads. The rest of the points can be pumped into ur suits and choice of

HQ. Mobile, fast, lack of kroot etc. ;D
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Old 30 Jun 2004, 00:08   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

now that's

what i like to hear! sounds like a plan!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

Yeah, it actually does. Hmmmm, me

thinks that I shall go this root as well when version 4 comes out. Firewarriors are

even better now. Able to disembark and rapid fire weapons onto the foe with hammer

head and suit back up. The barracuda also allows u to take out enemy artillery, the

rear armour of tanks, and since it disrupts the enemies turn prior to assult, you can

nail away an assault unit heading for ur firewarriors. Not to shabby.
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Old 30 Jun 2004, 17:04   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: The Time of The Tau is Today

Well I've

started out the army! Hurrah!

Got myself a commander and 4 stealthsuits. Yes

yes i know i know get some firewarriors, i intend but stealthsuits look like so much fun

to paint i had to get me some. I'm gonna enter a 750 point tournie at my local

workshop, the army i'll probably take is in the army lists board, any advice im

happy to hear it - specially since im such a newbie with tau
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