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Anime/Manga Influences on Tau
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Old 15 Nov 2006, 11:24   #1 (permalink)
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Default Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

Hey, I'm just wondering if most Tau players got into the army partially because of the anime/manga influence that they saw in it? I'm personally not a huge fan of anime, but the connection between it and the tau was never really that apparent to me...so I guess it kind of spoils the idea of army for me when I so many people now seem to connect crisis suits with gundams or something like that. Clearly games workshop did draw some influence from Japanese animation, but I always thought the Tau were much more 40k than anime. I guess I'm not be that clear, but does anyone see where I'm coming from?
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

I'm actually not a huge fan of anime, especially the whole huge robot stuff. I like the Tau for many other reasons, namely their gameplay, fluff, and general appearance (nice clean, yet still 40K).

I'm very glad GW didn't turn this army into a little anime rip-off. It's still dark, kinda Gothic (or rather late middle ages) and retains the feel of the while universe they created.
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

well, there's anime and there's anime

I agree the tau have very little of giant robot anime (though who knows if the tau ever build a titan ), and while there are some elements of anime styling in their design I'd say that was more because they share a common sci-fi influence.

What the tau do remind me of is the more military-oriented anime/manga: things like Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell - again these tend to have more of a sci-fi influence.

That said, the Tau spaceships have a certain Martian Successor Nadesico vibe to them.. where's my gravity blast cannon?!
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

The Tau were created with a pretty heavy Japanese element in their style and imagery. It is not that they were directly inspired by anime, but rather that they share common influences with it. But at any rate, the links between the Tau and Japan are confined mostly to visual style and cultural elements (and vocal patterns, in Dawn of War). The Crisis suits were partially meant to draw in fans of mecha anime, but mechanized humanoid robots are not found in anime alone.
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

I like the Tau because of their look and because of their style of war, it seems to me the more plausible for a futuristic and technologically advanced civilization. The anime thing didn't influenced me at all.
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

I got the Tau because I was young(er) and they were OMG SHINY!!! I didn't even connect them to anime since I didn't even watch the kinds of anime that people think they look like.

And now I'm tired of them, and starting Witch Hunters... just goes to show what happens when you make impulse decisions like that.
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Old 15 Nov 2006, 17:00   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

I am in the Tau because they remind me of my modelling past. I started with Gundams since I was in kindergarden.

Battle suits reminded me of mobile suits. And since i don't like the baroque design of the other races, prefering a more sleek and sci-fi look, I chose tau.
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

I got into them because I was tired of 10+ years of everybody treating technology with religious reverence and superstition. Finally, there was a race that actually valued using intelligence and not in some deep decline.

Other factors include: a majority of plastic models; the clean, technological aesthetic; and a decline in attention to Eldar.
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Old 15 Nov 2006, 20:09   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

i can see the conection to anime for sure, it is pretty big.

I just liked the tech ;evel of the tau mostly.
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Default Re: Anime/Manga Influences on Tau

The view of technology drew me to the Tau. Not the IG just replicating old stuff, but someone ripping it apart to see how it works, and rebuilding it better. At the time, the latest model range had just been released so they were all new and shiny

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