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Pulse Carbines and grenades
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Default Pulse Carbines and grenades

I was wondering what the use is of the photon grenade launcher on the pulse carbine. Can it really shoot granades 18'' or do i have to trow them, making the photon grenade launcher of no use. I would really like to shoot some EMP grenades 18" ;D

Also i have a question about the sniper drones.
Does the spotter have to stay in coherency whit its drones? Becose if i look at some pictures i almost always see the spotter in the back and the drones up front.


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Default Re: Pulse Carbines and grenades

Well Ive got good news and bad news for you. Now from what I've been told is the good news is that you can shoot grenades to 18" but the bad news is that you can only shoot Photon grenades, not EMP grenades.
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Default Re: Pulse Carbines and grenades

You are incorrect BroadCrisis, unfortunately. The pulse carbine only uses its base profile as listed in the codex, there are no other special rules for it other than pinning. It does NOT allow you to use any type of grenade at any range. The Photon and EMP grenades are their own separate entry. The underslung grenade part of the Pulse Carbine is just fluff to justify the pinning effect, nothing else.
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Default Re: Pulse Carbines and grenades

BroadCrisis and Savient are both kinda right. The under-slung Grenade Launcher does fire Photon Grenades to 18", however it's along with the Pulse Shot, and is the reason that the gun causes pinning, no other effect.

And no, that does not mean you automatically have Photon Grenades for Assault. So don't ask that question.
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Default Re: Pulse Carbines and grenades

As said you cannot launch photon grenades 18" (they dont have a profile anyway). The underslung launcher is just the fluffy way for justifying the pinning effect of the pulse carbine.

As for sniper drones yes you do have to keep the spotter in coherency but nothing says he cant be at the back of the coherency. Remember technically coherency is 2" between one base edge to another so you could have the 3 sniper drones up front in an arc with the spotter 2" back from them if you really wanted but they do need to be in coherency.

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