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A list without Kroot
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Default A list without Kroot

I'm looking to start a Tau army. I don't like the way the kroot look, Can I make a list with out them? I getting 24 firewarriors, 2 braodsides with sheild drones,1 pathfinder team , and 3 Command Xv8's. I plan on getting 3 devil fish, 6 stealth suits, 4 Piranha Skimmers and a Hammerhead. Can I make a competive list with these modles?
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Default Re: A list with out kroot

Lists without kroot are quite viable.

About 2/3rds of my lists don't have kroot. When I make all-comers lists, usually I don't take any.
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Default Re: A list with out kroot

Kroot > Most infantry
Lasguns > Kroot

Naturally, against any list where you know they have shooty-things, and there isn't an overabundance of cover... Kroot fade.
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Default Re: A list with out kroot

Kroot are cheap and effective when used in minimized squads, that being said, they are not a necessity only a nice option since they can infiltrate, do good in a shooting role, and are decent in CC.

I like to run some in every list I use, but I only ever run 1 squad of 10, so they are not central to my battle plans and are easily removed if I need the points.
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