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Broadside missiles
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Default Broadside missiles

WHen i opened my new broadside pack, it came with two metal arms for the missiles but unfortunately they were both for the same arm. I opened another and the same thing was there. am i missing something?

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Default Re: Broadside missiles

You mean you got two left arms or right arms?
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Default Re: Broadside missiles

well if you have 2 right arms in one box and 2 lefts in the other thats easy enouh to fix! if iwere you dont get anything out of the sprues and take it to your gw and ask for the arms to be swapped, you may need a reciet im not sure what they are like on this stuff. However you could just take normal arms and put 2 missile pods on each arms, alternativly to make the broadside look even cooler you could stick the missile pods on the shoulders and stick the railguns on arms!
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