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Tau verses Psykers
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Default Tau verses Psykers

I'm going to a 1700 point tournament in just over a week with my Tau and have been informed there will be at least six Eldar players attending so far. This will likely mean I will be playing a few of them and also likely face a Psyker or two. This is on top of the usual 3 or 4 Inquisition players that attend. What can Tau do to counter Pskers? Any advice?
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Default Re: Tau verses Psykers

Stay out of doom range. 24 inches. Usually the farseer will be going solo so can't target her. I doubt there will be a seer council, as they uped the points for warlocks more than doubled. Just watch out for doom from the farseer. Usually the psykers are fairly weak in CC, cept for Inquisitors which can put a real hurt on ya, just ignore them for now. Try to take out the unit he will shoot at you with. Usually using dire avengers+doom+bladestorm=death. If so, you lost that unit. Try to mop up the dire Avengers before their next turn.
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Default Re: Tau verses Psykers

Target the psyker with a railgun....

Well, to be honest, theres not a thing you can do. We have no anti-psyker gear, so there is no way for us to stop their powers. But this is not 2nd, so uber unbeatable powers are less of a prevalence. There may be some tricks that can catch you out (Dpod librarian with Fear of the Darkness) and careful of Fury of the ancients (not many ways to avoid that alas). Eldar, well, many of their powers help their own units, so if they are fortuning I wouldn't fuss too much, mind war can only kill one model, and your shas'O has a good chance against it, and Doom could hurt.

Right, now the psykers themselves. Nearly all are better in CC - so use your strength and avoid it. Inquisitors and Farseers are T3, so can be instagibed easily. Plasma, missiles, railgun sub etc. Plus, a PotW will instagib them to.

Marine psykers, well, they are marines, so give them a healthy dose of fusion, plasma, and rail shots.

If you really worry about them, then blast them with your firepower, but do not get distracted. In all honesty, they are gonna be less of a threat than most of their units, and aren't that hard to kill.

Good luck with your game, I hope this has helped.
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