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equipting criss suits
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Default equipting criss suits

i just bought 2 criss suits and i was wondering what i should put on them the armys i will most likely be facing is chaos and space marines so i was thinking for 1 fuision blaster,HW multitracker, missile pod and a plasma rifle but i don't know what to put on the other one so could u please post a set up of 1 or 2 of them i don't mind changing my one. thanks in advance
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Default Re: equipting criss suits

It is not going to be that simple.

For now I would paint the suits and weapons and place them in the holes. With the paint they should fit snuggly. I would suggest this because as you progress in skills and your Tau playing tactics, you are going to want (and YES YOU WILL ) to use different weapon set up for different armies and for different army lists.

Or buy very small rare earth magnets and use them to mount your weapons. I have done this on most of my suits. I do have a couple with permanent weapons, Fireknife because it is the suit I use the most.

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Default Re: equipting criss suits

Just a suggestion but using 3 weapons on a suit is not really that effective as even with the multi tracker you can only fire two of them at once. Two combos that work well are the Helios (fusion blaster and plasma rifle) and the fireknife (plasma rifle and missil pod). For basic suits I suggest the Fireknife for its versatility and leave the more dangerous configuration, the Helios, for your commander who as an Independant Character with better stats can put the weapons to better use.

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Default Re: equipting criss suits

Against Chaos and Marines, I really don't see the point in a Missile Pod. Just about the only thing it can pop reliably is a Rhino, and a railgun does a much better job against that.

Against power - armoured opponents, I'd go Helios. Or perhaps give them a flamer, plasma rifle, and targeting array. Flamer is dirt cheap (and not that shabby in certain situations), and the targeting array means you'll actually have a decent chance of hitting with the plasma gun. Which is probably better then relying on a short - ranged weapon with one shot and a 50/50 chance of hitting.

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