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Starting Tau Need Advice.
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Default Starting Tau Need Advice.

I am starting up a Tau army and need help. I play Blood Angels so Im not to familiar with shooting strategies. Ive played many good IG armies but have never played a "good" Tau army lol. I have nothing to go by but what I think is good.

I am going to be playing a campaign soon against 2 guard. (1 mechanised infantry and the other is going as a rebel jungle fighter army) So I included 2 Human Auxillary units for plain ole' campaign "pizaz" lol. heres what I am thinking about buying. (most from the Battleforce)

1 Shaso / 2 Crisis Shas'vre bodyguard / 3 man Stealth Suit squad / 12 kroot (with shaper) / 12 Fire warriors / 2 10 man Human Auxillary squads / 1 Devilfish APC / and 4 Pathfinders.

Please tell me info regarding Tau (in general) , what my army needs, ect. Thank you guys for all the help. I will be fightin 2 entirely different guard armies. One with 2 Bassilisks, a Russ, and all Chimera mounted troops. And the other with no tanks and all infiltrating.

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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advive.

Focus on mobility and firepower. Having mobile firepower is what makes Tau stand out. They can be used very effectivley in combination with their high mobility, contrasting with their static counterpart, the Imperial Guard. I suggest a highly mobile army. I mean think about it, Tau have many mobile firepower units available...Fire Warriors in Devilfish, Hammerheads, Brodsides with Advanced Stabalisation Systems, Stealth teams with infiltrate and deepstrike, as well as their jump suit, battlesuits which have jump packs, drones, kroot in woods or jungle, pathfinders, pirahnas, vespids, the skyray, etc.

With correct organization and build of the army list you can create one mobile, powerful list.

1 Shaso / 2 Crisis Shas'vre bodyguard / 3 man Stealth Suit squad / 12 kroot (with shaper) / 12 Fire warriors / 2 10 man Human Auxillary squads / 1 Devilfish APC / and 4 Pathfinders.
I think you need at least 4 stealth suits to be fully effective. I'm not really familiar with Human Auxillary Squads, so I'm not sure about that. Looks like a good start for small games, but I suggest you get a devilfish for each firewarrior squad or pathfinder squaud, but of course that's a personal opinion.

There's lots of different movement tactics you can use with the Tau. One example would be the Fish of Fury. I believe there's an article here on the website that has info on this. Here's some additional info however on the Fish of Fury, which I posted in a seperate thread but I thought it would be relavant to quote it here.

Notice: The links in the quote don't seem to be working, so just check out the following link which is exactly the same as the quote, but the links work: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...iscussion.html

Fish of Fury, also known as FoF, is a somewhat common tactic implemented by varied Mech Tau generals. It involves the use of Fire Warriors and a Devilfish. Different variations can be set-up, and will be discussed later. Basically, itís a way to move up the battlefield in and unload your Fire Warriors into a position where they can rapid fire the enemy and with correct ordination, not be assaulted in return. And you donít want your Fire Warriors getting assaulted. Trust me. Itís a lot better to have them shooting, and rapid firing their enemy, then be stuck in combat. When youíre stuck in combat, your taking away what Tau is good at. Shooting. And not to mention, youíre squad will probably just die easily in combat.

There are also some important rules to this. Page 15 of your Warhammer 40k rulebook; it talks about the movement phase. Towards the bottom, in the second paragraph under ďMovement DistanceĒ has one of the key ingredients in this tactic working as well as it does. ďA model cannot be placed so that it touches an enemy model during the Movement phase Ė this is only possible in the assault phase. To keep this distinction clear, a model may not move within 1Ē of an enemy model (ignore wrecked vehicles) during the movement phase.Ē So basically itís saying that your enemy canít come withiní 1Ē of any of your models in the movement phase. However, it can in the assault phase (obviously). I want to make clear, that you canít move into/through the space occupied by your own models, or through a gap between friendly models smaller then its own base size. It states this rule in the same paragraph. These may come up, so I suggest you make a reference to this rule, or be ready to show your opponent, as many times theyíll question the legality of this tactic.

I suggest using this tactic to complement your mech force, but I would urge against it in a static force. Besides, a static force shouldnít have a devilfish transporting around Fire Warrior troops, should it?

This tactic can be used by multiple devilfish units carrying fire warriors or a single devilfish carrying a squad of firewarriors. I find that a multitude of squads has the best results, as itís easier to finish off the enemy, and with good positioning, it can be even harder for the enemy to assault you.

So you basically have your Devilfish and your Fire Warriors. As for weapons, I suggest you equip a majority of them with Pulse Rifles, but give a couple Carbines. These have more range then a rapid firing Pulse Rifle, but can also help pin the squad. Pinning the squad increases the tactical effectiveness even more. The point of the tactic is to position so you can disembark from the Devilfish so you can rapid fire on him, and the next turn he wonít be able to assault you. By pinning the enemy squad, this gives you more flexibility incase you mess up with your set-up, and itís just more reliable. I suggest a squad size of about
8-12. You'll be getting anywhere between 16-24 shots coming from the one squad. At strength 5, ap 4, this can be quite significant. Although it's not as effective against MEQs, it's certainly worth it against hoardy armies. Especially against close combat armies where they will try to assault you, rather then shoot you, like Orks, or Tyranids. You also need to know how to equip your Devilfish. I always give it a multi-tracker. This way it can support your Fire Warriors when it moves into position. Having that extra fire support gives you more flexiblity, and reliability. I also like to have gun drones on the Devilfish. Why? Well, multiple reasons. One is sense they can disembark, they can position themselves to make it even harder for your opponent to get around the Devilfish to assault. If positioned in front of your vehicle it can force target priority tests. Sometimes your opponent will even shoot at them, which is very foolish, but can be tempting for your opponent if set-up right. If they do indeed shoot the drones, then they can't assault your devilfish, or your fire warrior squads, because you must assault the unit/squad that you shoot at, or attempt to shoot at.

So, now, you hopefully have your units set-up. Now, you're ready to use the tactic in game. I'll lead you through it.

You start out on your board edge, like always. In your movement, use cover as much as possible. You want to be at full power when you arrive at your opponent. You should be able to get into position behind cover so you can use the Fish of Fury tactic the next turn. After you're into position for the Fish of Fury, the following turn move within' about 12" of the enemy. Choose your targets wisely. I will touch on this later. Then, disembark your fire warriors from your Devilfish. This can be tricky. You must stay within' 2" of the hatch of the Devilfish. Try to set up so all your models are there. Set-up your longer ranged weapons (probably the carbon) towards the back, being most far away from the enemy, and your rifle bearing fire warriors closest to the enemy. This way you maximise the amount of rapid firing fire warriors you get, and your longer-range weapons take advantage of theirÖwell, longer range. Do this with your Devilfish between your Fire Warrior squads and the enemy. There are multiple ways of setting up, and using terrain, but again, I will touch on this later.

It would look something like this (copy the url into your web browser): http://myspace-762.vo.llnwd.net/0133...37550762_l.jpg

The T's represent the enemy squad, the X's the firewarriors, and then there's the general drawing of the Devilfish.

After you have your units positioned correctly, it will be your shooting phase. Shoot your Tau rifles furthest away, first. Then shoot the other Rifles that are closer. This is so your enemy doesnít remove models that you couldnít of been able to hit normally. Finish, with your Carbon(s) shooting last. This takes advantage of their range, which is greater then the range of a rapid firing rifle.

With 8 fire warriors, youíll have 7 rifles and 1 carbon. Thatís 14 rapid-fire shots, and 1 carbon shot, which has a chance to pin the enemy! That can be quite devastating verse any opponent Ė but in particular, hoard infantry, and low leadership enemies (because it will be more likely to pin the enemy). Even verse MEQs it can be effective, but of course, it wonít fair as well. Add in the Devilfish (with multi-tracker) fire support, and your opponent will be lucky to survive that first round of shooting.

Now you might be thinking, oh great. I didnít kill the whole squad, and now I can just be assaulted next turn. Nope. If you set-up correctly, you canít be assaulted by normal enemy infantry that move and assault 6Ē. Your opponent must stay 1Ē away from the devilfish. Heíll be about 6Ē away from your Devilfish in the first place. So, he moves up. Heíll be around the front area of the devilfish. Heíll attempt his assault move, but not being able to come withiní 1Ē of the Devilfish, he wonít be able to reach the fire warriors. The next turn you should be able to finish them off, quite easily, with the help of the Devilfish and itís Burst Cannons. If youíre afraid that you wonít be able to finish them off, then you can simply jump back into your Devilfish, and retreat, preferably getting behind some cover. Donít panic though. It will only cause you to make more mistakes.
If you chose to disembark your gun drones from the Devilfish, then itís likely that your opponent will shoot the gun drones. In doing so, he wonít be able to assault your fire warriors or your devilfish.

When using this strategy, your opponent will likely use lots of other fire to take down that Devilfish so he can assault. Your Devilfish has quite good armor, so it should be difficult for them to take down. The rest of your army should support your devilfish units. Itís not a standalone tactic. You need support. Hopefully the rest of your army can provide enough support and cover fire that they canít afford to direct too much of their firepower into your Devilfish(s). Stealth Suits, or JSJ battlesuits can work well in cooperation with the Fish of Fury.

And lets say they decide to assault your Devilfish. So what? They need 6ís to hit, and you have strong armor. Itíll be rare that they take it down. If your Devilfish did indeed get destroyed, then you have 2 options. Either start retreating whilst still firing at the enemy, or, you could hide behind the destroyed devilfish using it as cover, and hope to finish off the enemy unit that turn.

Now, lets say that the fish of fury was a success. You destroyed the enemy squad via shooting, and you didn't get assaulted. Your Devilfish and Fire Warriors are still alive and well. Just hop back into the Devilfish, and move onto your next position to use the same tactic again, if needed. Don't always use this though. Or, you could go support another area of your army. Use cover, as always.

I mentioned choose your targets wisely. Iíll expand on that a bit. Some squads will be particularly hard to destroy. Youíll have to be careful with these. Examples would be large power armored squads, terminators, command squads, ext. These will be considerably hard for you to destroy. You have other things in your army to deal with these types of enemies: Battlesuits, Hammerheads, Plasma Rifleís, etc. If you have no other choice but to target a heavily armored squad, then try to support your fish of fury with other units in your army, if possible.

Other enemy targets to watch out for would be fast units. These include things like jump packs, fleet on foot, bikers, cavalry, etc. To perform against these models well, it requires specific movement, and use of terrain. The best thing to do against these would be to avoid them all together with the Fish of Fury, and leave it to other parts of your army. But, even if you do have to target a fast enemy squad, it shouldnít be too bad. By the time they assault, they should be almost dead, and even a squad of fire warriors should be able to take down a marine or two. After assault, make sure you get back into the safety of the Devilfish.

The Fish of Fury tactic isn't limited to one Devilfish and one fire warrior squad. Of course it isn't! Here's some manuvers which involve numerous devilfish's.

First off, is quite simple. You just use two devilfishes, in the standard formation that you would use them. Leave just around 2"-2.5 between the two devilfish's so the enemy can't sneak through the middle. Position your fire warriors in the same fasion as you would normally - packed right behind the Devilfish's back hatch. It's basically uses the same principle as one fish of fury devilfish uses, except it's just with more firepower. The drones could either detach and make some extra distance the opponent has to move around, or could stay in place, and just provide extra support fire.

It would look something like this: http://myspace-415.vo.llnwd.net/0133...37598415_l.gif

This one's a little more tricky. It sitll involves 2 devilfish's and their fire warrior squads. This time, the Devilfish set up in the shape of a U, or V. Not so sharp though, more outward. Something like a 110 degrees angle. The Tau Firewarriors disembark behind the Devilfish. The two Devilfish's will form a small gap where the fire warriors can unload. Just make sure to stay in your disembarkment zone. They still fire as normal, but again, with the 2 devilfish's they have much more fire power. The gun drones can go on the outsides, again, making it longer for the enemy to move around to get to the fire warriors. Or you could position them between the two devilfish's. If you did this, you'd want the devilfish's a little further apart.

It would look something like this: http://myspace-009.vo.llnwd.net/0133...37641009_l.gif

The sad attempt at circles on the outsides are the drones.

I encourage anyone to experiment with differnet variotions and set-ups with the fish of fury tactic.

There's lots of other ways to use terrain which can make the tactic even more effective.

If possible, I always like to do the fish of fury near impassible, or difficult terrain. This makes it so your devilfish and fire warirors aren't as vulnerable to fire from the flanks, as they normally would be. It can also make it harder for enemies to assault you, including faster enemies like mentioned above.

You can also position between two peices of relativly close terrain, so you're devilfish can just squeeze through. This is an excellent position. Not only does it protect both flanks, leaving only the front av of the devilfish open to fire, but it makes it so the enemy has to go all the way around the peices of terrain to assault you. Sense the Devilfish is a skimmer, it's easier to move into positions like these, where as a Chimera, or Rhino would have to weave through terrain to get into the position they want.
That aside....

Tau have access to tons of great weaponry. Things including Railguns, solid and submittion shots, standard fire warrior weaponry (plasma rifle; pulse carbon), plasma and fusion weapons, burst cannons, flamers (although this isn't out of the ordinary), seeker missiles, neutron blasters, kroot rifle and gun, seeker missiles, etc.

We'll start with the Seeker Missiles. They are a great weapon if used right. They have a good strength coupled by unlimited range (although you need a markerlight in range) and a AP of 3, great for downing enemy MEQs and infantry. It can be mounted on various vehicles, such as the Devilfish and Hammerhead, but you can also get a Skyray, which holds 6 Seeker Missiles. They can be good for supporting your units in combat, and are very fast and capable at taking down many different enemies, such as Wraithlords to MEQs (like mentioend earlier).

You also have the infamous Railguns. One of the most feared weapons in all of warhammer 40k, and considered to be one of the most powerful weapons as well, for a good reason. It can mow down infantry, or heavy armor. Whatever the target is, it can destroy quite effectivley. It comes in two flavors- Subumition, and solid shot. Both have equal range, but the solid shot has a lower ap, much higher strength (strenggh 10 ap 1), and a single, heavy shot. Subumition offers a large blast, and is only available to hammerhead tanks. Due to the blast, it's much better at taking out infantry at range. Still has a high strength that can instant kill toughness 3 models and easily wound anything else (most likely), like imperial guard commanders. It also has a good ap; at least for destroying infantry. With the long range, it will be able to hit just about anything within' line of sight. Not only this, but the subumition shot doens't scatter. On a hammerhead, with a multi-tracker and can effectivley move around whilst shooting, and benefit from only being able to be glanced. It also comes with a targeting array, making its hitting capablility very high, which just adds reliabliity to the weapon. It can also be taken on the XV88 Brodside suits. With Advanced Stabalisation systems they can move and shoot, with high hit rate, and good save making it a tough nut to crack.

You also have the standard fire warrior weaponry- the plasma rifle and pulse carbon. A mix between the two I find is best, as the plasma rifle can dish out the high damage with rapid fire and a longer range, and the pulse carbon can pin the squad. Put these in a devilfish and you got a mobile, relativley strong firepower unit.

You then have plasma and fusion weapons. IMHO these are excellent on XV8 Battlesuits. They are excellent at downing MEQs and light vehicles, or heavy armor and vehicles with the fusion gun. The Plasma Rifle doesn't overheat, but this comes at the cost of -1 strenght then the human counterpart. Still, strength 6 ap 2 is very good, and instnat kills toughness 3 enemies. These weapons are effecftive at medium-close range. I like these on my HQ unit.

Then there's Burst Cannons, and flamers. I don't use Flamers too much. I much rather take other weapons, but it's still worth considering verse slow hoard armies like Orks. I urge against it when facing fast close combat armies, because they will probably get itno combat before you have a chance to use them, if your opponent is smart with his manuevers. The Burst Cannons come standard on Stealth Suits. They are good at mowing down infantry, just like the Missile Pod. The Missile Pod is a medium range weapon that's good at destroying infantry as well, but Burst Cannons can get the job done as well, but at a closer range. Burst Cannons work well with Devilfish's, as they can support your Fire Warriors with shooting.

You also have Neutron Blasters, which are the weapons Vespids wield. These are good at destroying MEQs, but have a short range so you will most likely get shot to bits and assaulted if you don't destroy the enemy the turn you shoot. These can be tricky for begginners to handle, so you mioght want to wait tell your more experienced with Tau before diving into Vespid units.
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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advive.

HQ- I'd go with either a Shas'O or Shas'El, passing on an Ethreal. These are quite powerful. They have a good statline, and a lot of wounds. Infact, more wounds then most other characters have. To give some perspective, it has one more wound then a Chaos Lord. It has the independant character status which makes him vary hard to target for the enemy. As for weapon configurations, see below in the XV8 battlesuit sections. The Shas'El is basically a lesser version of the Shas'O. It's less powerful, but less points, and arguably more effective as an HQ. Many people like to take two Shas'El's in thier lists.

ELITE- The choices you have here are XV8 Battlesuit Teams, and Stealth suit teams; both of these options are well worth it IMHO. Lets start off with XV8 Battlesuit Teams. Of course they benefit from their great mobility, but they come in 3 popular set-ups: the Helios, Fireknife, and Aurora.

The Aurora build is a Shas'el with Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle and Targeting Array with a Hard Wired Multi Tracker. It can take down various things such as terminators, light armor, to infantry squads. It's relativley cheap, and with the varioation of weapon capabilities it can work well for someone beggining.

Then, you have the Helios and Fireknife builds. The Helios is the combination of Plasma Rifle and Fusion Gun, and Fireknife Missile Pod and Plasma Rifle. Helios is more for close ranged firefights, where as fireknife is a more medium ranged support team. Fireknife tends to be the easiest for beginners to use; therefore, it is the type that I suggest you first try.

Stealth Teams, combined with their Infiltration special skills and stealth armor and stealth field are very valuable. They come with Burst Cannons, which I suggest you keep. Taking Fusion Blasters negates your advantage of the stealth field because you'd have to get up close to use the fusion blasters, where as burst cannons have an okayish range, but good enough to make use of it's stealth fields. These are good support and harrasment units. Just keep stealth teams nice and basic, and cheap avoiding the upgrades. A squad of 6 with a leader does well. Stealth Suits can also serve as a fast flanking unit with their stealth field and JSJ (jump, shoot, jump)movement. They can also take objectives and table quarters.

TROOPS- Fire Warriors are another key component of a Tau army, along with a devilfish. The FoF (fish of fury) tactic is popular, and I described it above. There's also kroot, by they are a very intricate unit in their own right. There are many ways to use these, whether it be a meat sheild / speed bump, counter assault, infiltrating to push back enemy assaulters when ifiltrating, etc. They also do very well in forested and jungle terrain and can assault heavy weapon teams and the such.

FAST ATTACK- Tau have some good fast attack choices, but the ones that stick out are pathfinders. They are very good support units, and with Markerlights can be very effective.

HEAVY SUPPORT- Lots of good options within' the tau army lie in the heavy support section. Main ones being XV88 Broadside battlesuits, and the Hammerhead (the skyray is also good but can be harder for begginers to implement effectivley). Broadsides were touched upon in earlier when talking about Railguns. Give them ASS and you can sit back, and shoot, with mauneverability due to the ASS. I like to keep the Smart Missile Systems, but plasma is a good option too. If you do give them plasma, then you should also give them a multi-tracker so it can shoot both weapons. Then you have the hammerhead, again which has been talked about. One Hammerhead with rail gun, burst cannons, multi tracker and decoy launchers, will work really well, especilaly against infantry.

That's all for now, hopefully it was of some help. Goodluck! For the greater good!
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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advive.

Hi mate,

you might want to consider some heavier elements to dish out heavy-weapons pain to your IG opponents at long range- a Skyray or Railgun equipped Hammerhead would go nicely with what you have. However, your force composition should mainly be dictated by the kind of tactics you wish to employ- will you be seeking to sit back and trade fire? If so, some tanks, XV88s etc would be good.

If you want to get up close and personal, the stealths will serve well, give one of them a fusion to remove armour, and maybe consider a squad or two of Kroot? These boys will give jungle-fighters IG a run for their money in dense terrain, so consider them beforehand..

Let us know what army list/ lsit you come up with


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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advive.

By the sounds of what you're up against, you should have more points to spend than what you've got down. Still, here are some beginning points to consider:

Often times, you're just as well off taking a Shas'el and cutting a few points for other weapons. His BS can easily be upgraded to be equal to that of an 'O, and most of the other stats are often less useful (for example, 4 and 3 wounds don't matter much when you're likely to get insta-killed).

The 'Vre bodyguards could easily be 1 man crisis teams with no real drawback. In fact, that would allow your HQ to get his IC status back, which is probably more worthwhile in the first place. If you're still considering getting more for this force, consider 2 teams of 2 instead of 2 teams of 1.

A 3 man strong stealth squad seems somewhat wasteful. It may be tiny, and they'll still produce 9 shots, but 5 and 6 are more common numbers, and are usually more successful as well. If you're stuck on 3, you might want to add a few drones to the squad to bulk up the wounds and allow for a few more shots and possible pinning (carbines have the same range as burst cannons after all). Also note that this is one of our best units as far as volume of shots goes, so it really can be a good idea to take a larger squad.

Until you get into higher point games, the shaper dosen't tend to be all that worth-while in kroot squads. For his point cost, you can do better.

4 pathfinders is just lacking in my opinion. Most people can't justify them in games of less than 2000 points. I differ, and value them at 1500 or better. However, in the game size you look to be playing, they simply wouldn't serve all they're meant to be. You're investing too much support in a unit that really doesn't do anything other than make your other units shoot better. That's not a problem, except you just don't have enough things TO make shoot better to justify the points. For the cost you're investing in the pathfinders and their devilfish (which I note, you should still include for your fire warriors) you could have a hammerhead.

That brings me to my next point: you have no heavy support at all. The extent of your tank-busting capabilities lies in your 3 Crisis suits, and those aren't good odds, especially against the likes of multiple pieces of heavy armor. Broadsides are one good way about it, giving you several multiwound sets of railguns, but at the cost of mobility, while a hammerhead toting railgun gives you 1 big shot to do a lot of damage. Either option is probably a good idea at this point in your list development. Actually, I take that back ... The hammerhead has full likelyhood of being your better bet, with a greater survivability and mobility, it'll probably encourage a rather high 'threat factor' and pull your opponent's attention, which would work better if used in tandem with crisis suits capable of opening cans.

Hope this helps you out a bit! I'll leave the hardcore number crunching to someone more well versed with that aspect.

and maybe consider a squad or two of Kroot? These boys will give jungle-fighters IG a run for their money in dense terrain, so consider them beforehand..
That's another good point I forgot to bring up - Kroot would be better served over the auxillaries if you're going to be fighting in jungles. Technically, they'd be better than fire warriors, but you're still going to have to take the one compulsary. Still, consider dropping the humies for carnivores.

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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advive.

Well, if you want to rub defeat in the faces of these two opponents I'd suggest emphasising both Hammerheads and Kroot in your army. Why? Because: 72" on an anti-tank weapon will get his russ and basilisks out of the way so the mounted infantry drive to their death without the direly crucial fire support from their tanks and the Kroot to counter the Catchacan jungle fighters. You'll have the advantage on both fronts by crippling their ability to support each other.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advice.

Well, if you are looking for strategy, My battle reports definately arent the place to start :P

Anyways, I would look at them anyways, they show a very good understanding of the Tau Army Lists and how to use them somewhat effectively.
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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advice.

1. don't get bodyguards unless you really love crisis suits. you need that IC shield.

2. Deathrain suits. Thonz of them.

3. deepstrike gundrones to pop basilisks.

4. Can we get a sticky of one large "tau starter advice" topic so that we dont get new topics about "what should i do to start" every couple of days? Actually, I'll go make it. If mods would sticky it when I'm done, that'd be nice.
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Anyways, just because we have already had someone who called it:
Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
Heh, thought he'd know by now...watch this turn into another relationship advice thread.
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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advice.

Read the [glow=blue,2,300]Mech Tau Bible[/glow] (someone is bound to have a link somewhere)
It helps alot ;D

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Default Re: Starting Tau Need Advice.

Units I always bring-
Sniper Drones
Hammerheads(both rail and Ion)
Crisis suits w/ magnets for weapon swapping goodness
Fire Warriors

Units I leave at home-
Kroot Shapers
Kroot Hounds
Gun Drone Squads (You get these in Piranha squads for free)

Units I play occasionally
Broadsides (less and less though)
Vespid (against marines or in Cities of Death but rarely in an all comers list)

There it is, units I use, units I don't, and units I have occasional flings with. ;D
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