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Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight
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Default Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

So I need an HQ choice for my upcoming army. Reading the codex, looks like Farsight is my best choice, as I'm trying to play without too many Kroot units. I figure he could stand back and help shoot, then mop up whatever makes it close enough to assault.

Any advantages/disadvantages to using Farsight? Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

The 0-1 restrictiosn arn't perticularly nice, and you can only use him in a 1500pt+ game. So no I don't think he's the best choice for an HQ if your just starting out, as you'll have nothing when your opponints want to play smaller games. On top of that, he's almost 200pts for a commander with only BS4 and one plasma rifle. Yea, he'll be good in hth, but he's only one model in your army, so I don't really see him as worth it untill your start trying to play him to his advantages.
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Default Re: Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

O'Shovah is a nice model, not so bad with stats. The 0-1 choice aren't so bad because in the end when u play u use always FW, crisis, stealth, and hammerhead. Broadside usually are used as one team, pathfinder same way, and ther is only the "problem" with the piranha, if u want use them.
Personatly I use two commander Shas'el (one is a simple Elit Crisis).
Usually I use the Commander O'Shovah as a shield against enemy units that come to close, always to destroy my Broadside.
I think Commander O'Shovah is good in a army of 1700-2000p.ts, because u can give him the bodyguard and go around killing enemy units.

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Default Re: Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

O'shovah is a hard commander to play. So you might not to start out with him, but if you want to then go for it. I personally have a 2500 pt farsight enclave army and with the right strategism, O'Shovah and his force can be devastating. The 0-1 choices (particullarly on the hammerhead in my opinion) does really stink. to make up for that i try to maximize my crisis suits. I give two bodyguards to O' Shovah and this makes for a decent close-combat squad. I also have another command squad with all ork fighter to support O'Shovah since he is a real fire magnet. You dont want O'Shovah to sit back the whole game. He is specialized in cc so use it. Make him work in support with your other crisis squads. Use him close to the front lines to take out big threats such as terminators, obliterators, etc. Try to keep him out of cc for the most part though. he will do more damage to a squad firing at the enemy than while in cc. But don't be afriad to charge an already weakened squad that threatens your line. Also since he counts as a mounstrous creature he has the ability to even take out vehicles in cc. So your best bet for him is to do as much possible damage to the targeted enemy squad by shooting before they get to close then ya charge them. So dont use him to kamikaze enemy assualt units. he costs 170 points and therefore should not be sent to his death. and idont think he would like the idea of "camping" either

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Default Re: Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

Surfer, you're playing with the 3rd edition rules. In 4th Farsight has changed a bunch.

I used to play Farsight a lot back in third. Nowadays I only really use him in large games. His restrictions need to be countered by large numbers of crisis suits. Were the normal Tau player has Hammerheads, a Farsight play must rely on Crisis suits. However one broadside squad and one Hammerhead can take care of heavy armor, but if you're required to take suits anyways, use them to fill the gaps in your army list.

Mounted/un-mounted warriors are key, and with a squad leader they'll still be able to regroup. About 4 squads are great (though I use two and that works fine). A Helios and Deathrain squad should fill two elites, the last can be saved for stealths or a monat of some sort.

Remember you still have to take another commander, so just kit him to your hearts desire (I always get a plasma/CIB or BC/CIB with TA or Positional Relay(if it's not on one of my elite slots).

I normally take 4 bodyguards for Farsight. The squad is not to big, or small, packs a punch at range and occasionally in combat. Remember Farsight is only so good in H2H and he is no longer a monstrous creature so he's no god. Ten orks can bring him down on the charge.
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Default Re: Regarding O'Shovah/Farsight

Crap. 1500+ army, didn't see that one.

Looks like someone's finding a new commander :P

Thanks for the advice guys. It's gonna be a while before I field this badboy.
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