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[BatRep] Damned Recon
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Old 05 Nov 2006, 23:38   #1 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default [BatRep] Damned Recon

[size=15pt]750 Points
Tau Empire VS Dark Angels[/size]

Tau Empire
Shas’O w/ Missile Pod, CIB, Multi-Tracker-In the Crisis Squad
2 Deathrains w/ Targeting Arrays-Represented by the yellow circles
2X 10 Fire Warriors
Warfish (Devilfish w/SMS, TA, MT, DL)-Represented by the yellow outlines
Heavy Support
Hammerhead w/ Railgun, SMS, Multi-Tracker, Decoy Launcher-Represented by the filled in yellow box

Dark Angels
8 Space Marines w/ CCW’s and Bolt Pistols> represented by the box at the end :P
Master w/Bolt Pistol & Power Fist-about

2X 10 scouts w/ Sniper Rifles (1 Missile Launcher)-Represented by the 2 blue-grey boxes

2X Whirlwinds-Represented by the two grey-blue boxes at the other side of the map.

Deployment, excuse me, I added an extra hammerhead to this one, fixed in the later maps.

Turn 1: Tau Empire: Movement Phase: First my Hammerhead moved towards the Hill on the left (where the first squad of snipers were hiding). Then the Devilfishies moved straight forward about 12”, just out of LOS of the snipers behind the first hill. Crisis Suits move forward towards small hill.
Shooting: Hammerhead fires solid shot at the whirlwind, completely misses. Smart Missiles on all of the Devilfishies fire, causing one scout to die on the squad behind the hill. Crisis Suits fire at the squad on “Italy” and kills 3 of them. Scouts stand fast.
Assault: Crisis suits move towards the smaller hill, and more specifically behind it.

Turn 1ark Angels: Movement Phase: First the 2 Whirlwinds speed up towards the side of the board, 12” to be exact.
Shooting: The sniper squad on “Italy” fires at my first Devilfish, no damage sustained. The second Sniper squad (behind the hill) manages to get some shots off at my Crisis Team, 3 Snipers and 1 Missile Launcher, all hit, only a sniper Rifle manages to wound, and that is saved against.
Assault: none

End of Turn 1

Turn 2: Tau Empire: Movement Phase: Hammerhead moves up onto the Hill it is in front of. Crisis Suits move out into the open again, this time closer to the scouts. Devilfishies move around the side of the hill so as to get some clear shots off at the scouts (clear arc!).
Shooting: hammerhead fires a Solid Shot, and blows off the Whirlwind’s vengeance Missile Launcher. Crisis suits cause 3 more casualties on the Scout squad on “Italy” and they stand fast. Devilfishies fire into the scout squad, leaving all but 6 of them dead and on the ground, they run 7”.
Assault: Crisis Suits jump back behind the Hill.

Turn 2: Dark Angels: Movement Phase: Scouts regroup. No further movement.
Shooting: first scout squad fires at my Devilfishies, and no damage is sustained. Whirlwind fires at my Crisis Suits and wounds one of them, they are now pinned.
Assault: none

End of Turn 2

Turn 3: Tau Empire: Movement Phase: Hammerhead moves forward a bit, Devilfishies move towards the center of the board.
Shooting: Devilfishies annihilate the scout squad on “Italy” and the Hammerhead destroys the last scout squad.
Assault: None

Turn 3: Dark Angels: Movement Phase: Command Squad comes in on Drop Pod.
Shooting: command squad fires at the back of a Devilfishy, no damage.
Assault: assaulting the back of the Devilfishy, no damage.
Opponent concedes the rest of the match.

End of turn 3

Been a very long while since we have had a battle report, it has been even longer (and will continue to be) since we've seen a good battle report :P
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Damned Recon

Yeah, no kidding, eh?

It's a shame - I had a good match last week, but I forgot both to take notes, and to get my opponent's list, so I couldn't post anything because my memory was a bit fuzzy on the 3-5th turns.

Still, nice win? Interesting results on some of your opponent's wounding rolls.

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Old 06 Nov 2006, 00:40   #3 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Damned Recon

Yeah, my luck has definately come back, and in big amounts too! Silly Vadim thought he could beat me easily with this list...I proved him wrong again! albeit, if he had killed that one suit, it would have made the whole game different...
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Damned Recon

Well I don't really see the cheesiness of this marine list - no lascannons? Firing endless missiles at the Hammerhead will give your Crisis too much room to breath in. Taking scouts again Tau is begging for submunition ^_^

I like the way you made this list; although I find the Shas'o a bit overkill. Quite different from mine infact!

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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:41   #5 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Damned Recon

Thanks Olannon, that means quite a bit coming from you!

In the beggining I accidentally took the Shas'O because I thought we were doing the 1000 point game (I am writing the Bat-Rep up for that one now) but hey, alls well that ends well ^_^
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Default Re: [Bat Rep] Damned Recon

Awesome battle report, like the battle map, those help alot. Do you just use paint for that or what? I want to try to write up some battle reports... but I have horrible memory.
Knowledge is power.

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Old 07 Nov 2006, 04:19   #7 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: [BatRep] Damned Recon

I am far too lazy to buy any certain equipment at all besides paint, everyhting else is far too technical for me too.

Normally I would have just had pictures, but seeing as my camera was out of commision, I saved you all from seeing my models!

Anyways, here comes another one just like this in about 10 minutes at the most, so keep your eyes peeled!
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