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Need assistance in choosing a sept
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Default Need assistance in choosing a sept

I've been painting my 400 pt Tau patrol (I'm planning on buying the megaforce soon) in light grey, black and white, with Ice Blue for the sensor lens. However I am unsure whether they should be part of a new sept or not.

The closest sept to my colour scheme is the Bork'an Sept, but the colours I've used have been arranged to further (?) create an anime look (I hope) without making the tau look like another army of the 40k universe. As mentioned in a previous post, the colour scheme is based on the PS2 character Kos-Mos from the third game of Xenosaga.

I was wondering if Tau Septs have variant colour schemes. If so, should I use my Tau force from the Bork'an Sept, or should I create my own Sept? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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Default Re: Need assistance in choosing a sept

This has been talked about over and over (especially within the last few days).

The only Tau septs are the ones mentioned. Their stripe color does not change (base color for the little line markings). However, their armor and camo does change depending on the environment. Their suits adapt to whatever terrain they're fighting in.

Therefor you can have you Tau army come from any Sept you want, with any Camo you want. Just paint the little lines in the default Sept color, and paint the camo how you'd like.
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Default Re: Need assistance in choosing a sept

pick a sept which you like because of its fluff/ martial tendancies/ tactics etc and then apply those sept markings to your own guys.

My cousin decided he liked the Vior'la sept for their fluff, but the colour scheme of the Sa'cea sept, so he painted them thus, but with the different sept markings.

I think the 'Sept Colour' confusion comes from our Codex not showing any other alternative/campaign paint schemes, as other codexes do (Imperial Guard comes to mind).

So to summarise, they can come from wherever you like !


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