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Default Army Set

Would anyone recommend the Army set for a beginner? I'd see the Set as a great way to get quite much all the needed miniatures for an army, but the cost is also quite daunting. But if the set is saving a lot of money compared to buying all the units seperately, then I'll consider. Now I'd like to hear opinions from players, possibly someone who has bought the set.

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Default Re: Army Set

It depends on the money you have and if you wanna have all the units from start on.
I don't believe that you will play all types right from the beginning on. Some like the kroots, you might never play(just for example how its my way).
If youre scared by the price, I would build the army step by step over an amount of time. It might be more expensive in the end, but you havent the all the costs right now. So you can everytime decide if you need a unit and buy it then instead of buying all and realizing that you need just half of them.
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Default Re: Army Set

Well buy the basic for a Tau army like the Crisis Commander, 3 Crisis(min), Fire Warriors(one or two units), HammerHead, and Broadside.
Well it's like the box of 75$ with somethig more, u can also buy from ebay an army, if u are luky.

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Default Re: Army Set

By an army off of E-Bay, you can usually find package deals that retailers put together at a huge discount, and the packages are usually much different than the megaforce or battleforce deals in terms of units included.

E-Bay Rocks
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Default Re: Army Set

Originally Posted by israfel420
E-Bay Rocks
yes it does.

Anyways, if you are a begginer to the Hobby itself, then I would highly reccomend the battle force because it gives you a fair sized army for a generally small amount of money (compared to what you would pay). Along with that, they give you a nice balance of units to choose from and to test out in your army to see if they are generally any good.

As for a Begginer to that certain army although with experience in Warhammer, I would still reccomend it, but not as much because they may have a certain style of play lined out and so they are working their way towards that certain army.
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Default Re: Army Set

Well I've bought both the old one and the new one, and I can say I was happy with both. If it wen't for the fact that I already had a Tau army, I'd say the Tau Army box was a great set, I use every unit that's in it (except maybe the commander bits). But since I did have most of my Tau already, a lot of the stuff was just extras that I really diden't need. Still I think it was a good buy, especially since I got a discount. As other have said, I'd check ebay since thats where you'll get it the cheapest, and really save money.
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