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Starting a Tau Army
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Default Starting a Tau Army

I'm planning on buying the Tau megaforce in about a week to expand my 400 pt tau patrol.

because one of the general "themes" of the tau is anime and manga I wanted to keep my army as close to them as possible. meaning no auxilleries at all. I'm thinking of a mobile force (my first army were ork speed freeks and I have a passion for armies that use speed-I'm slowly working on building a mobile Bretonnian army) as stated on the GW website. basically I will have lots of battlesuits (crisis and broadside), a full unit of stealth suits, lots of drones (gun and sniper) tons of fire warrior squads mounted in devilfishes and a hammerhead tank with railgun.

I am currently unsure how pirahna's could fit into the army theme, but I have one, if not bad, idea (i will point out that the general theme for my force is most futuristic anime, from bubblegum crisis to gasaraki and so on-in other words anime with mecha, etc). the colour scheme is based on the PS2 character Kos-Mos from the third game of Xenosaga.

the idea for the pirahna conversions was to have them with police lights, but I am unsure if that would work. I know in some anime that have police in them, the cops have sleek vehicles. I was thinking maybe something like that, but again, I am unsure about it. Would anyone have any further suggestions on what anime/manga vehicles I could base the pirahnas on?
Shi Tau'va (Aki)
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Default Re: Starting a Tau Army

Originally Posted by shi tauva
I am unsure about it. Would anyone have any further suggestions on what anime/manga vehicles I could base the pirahnas on?
well I bet you could base them on hover bikes and maby if you had a 9-volt battery, wire, and some small lights you could hook them up to a devilfish(or the other 2) and make them look like those cool helicopters on "ghost in the shell"
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