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the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits
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Old 30 Oct 2006, 17:15   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

i have just come back to tau after deciding that they werent that amazing when i bought the old codex 2 years ago. i recently decided to come back to them as im bored of making green stuff pelts for my Space Puppies.
looking through the range of new minis, i was impressed by the pihrana, dissapointed by the battlesuit commander and confused by the stealthsuits.
the old ones, while bulky, looked like you could sneak around in them with at least some success. the new ones look far too bulky for infiltrators. can someone please explain their largeness and alleviate my confuzzlement?
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

The thing is, they don't need to have a smaller suit to sneak around better, they just have the stealth field that makes it hard to see them while they're sneaking around.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

Welcome back to the Greater Good. With the advent of the new codex, we definately got some major boosts. The Piranha, sniper drone teams, and the fasct that kroot hounds/Ox don't take an FOC slot all combine to make the Tau very competitive now.

As for the XV-25's, the reason they made them as they did, was mainly because if you look at the old XV-15's closely, there are sections of the suit which are actually smaller than a fire warriors. In other words, there isn't room inside the suit for the arms and legs of a standard fire warrior, so it is a little out of proportion.

But yeah, they are a little bulkier, but can now take one hardpoint if they choose.

Plus, their stealthyness isn't reliant upon their speed, size or mobility, but instead relies on their stealth fields. Just hink of them like predators, those aliens were like 9 feet tall, but they could not be seen because of their stealth fields. Same principal applies here.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits


Nuff Said.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

Well, consider the Lictor. Its size certainly doesn't stop it from getting all the way to the main course before you notice that it is eating you.

Stealth systems could be as big as Broadsides or as small as a drone without it making much difference. They are invisible and we have to assume that noise-dampening, multi-spectral cloaking, and emissions control technologies are all employed to render the Stealthsuit relatively undetectable. So the biggest problems come from running into things like rain, trees, or high grass that give away your position. But the smaller stealthsuit really wouldn't be much better in that regard than the XV25. That is where the skill of Stealthsuit pilots is necessary to allow them to infiltrate even under adverse conditions.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

The answer is simple
Stealthsuits arn't ninja's.

I don't know why people keep thinking they are, but they arn't.
Their infultrate ability comes squarly from the fact that thier suits make then nearly invisible, or in another way, from thier technology (Tau=Technology, who'd a thunk it!). I'm sure somewhere along the way, being "sneaky" helps, but the shere fact that they've been moving around with jetpacks, and pretty much carry an equivelent to a machine gun, tells me that they've nerver really relied on the "sneaky" aspect too much to begin with. Maybe for the initial ambush, but once those guns go blazing, I don't think sneaky helps too much.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

I personnally think that having a bigger suit, means bigger and better technology is being cramed into it, and that the bigger suit, infact helps them to be more stealthy!
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

I like the new suits and i like the old suits. So i use both. units are made from the new suits and unit comanders are the old suits. i love it.


note my mini steath gun drones!
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

Cool stealths.
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Default Re: the unstealthyness of XV25 stealthsuits

That actually looks a lot better than I would have thought ... (I have little love for XV25s. Pods don't do it for me.) However, the shield generator on the XV15 looks really sweet.

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