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Are We Being Realistic?
Closed Thread
Old 24 Oct 2006, 16:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default Are We Being Realistic?

Ok first off, I'd like to point out that the Tau board has really become a glorified House Rules brainstorm. I'd also like to point out that when the Black Templar Codex was being written BT players created a 'test' codex and submitted it to GW and they completely ignored it. Almost nothing from the 'fandex' was acknowledged at all.

I'm curious as to where this info about a Tau update (or Universal) came from. Even if Tau were to get updated (and I could argue that we definitely do not need it, ask Dark Eldar and Ork players), realistically how would GW distribute the rules without printing up a whole new codex, or publish neverending articles in White Dwarf (and we all know WD is basically a glorified catalogue nowadays). Even if the Tau codex was to be redone we would be waiting ages for it anyways. At that point just redo it for 5th Edition!

Also why does it seem like only Tau are being redone? Every other army board isn't being bombarded with update ideas. If this was realistic than every WH40k board would be flipping its lid and coming up with stuff to send GW.

Call me a party pooper but I can't help but think this is all wishful thinking and all our ideas are going to be committed to House Rules for the next three years.

First, where did this Update info come from, and can it be validated?
Second, what do you guys think. I'm sure some of the older players have heard this kind of stuff a thousand times and seen nothing happen.
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Old 24 Oct 2006, 16:10   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

Sometimes GW will get a good idea from a ruleboard. This happened with a Dark Elves update from drucchi.net. However, I'm sceptical any of the recent work here will show up in GW material anytime soon.

I don't have any problem with people participating. It is all done in the spirit of fun and community isn't it?
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Old 24 Oct 2006, 16:35   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

If nothing else, it is a fun exercise to brainstorm for a bit. After we launch this over to GW, it is all going over to House Rules anyway. Keeping it in Tau was just a way of raising the profile while people were working on it. Calmsword thinks he has someone over at the Studio interested. So it is worth pursuing. And even if nothing comes of it, they are still some pretty good House Rules.
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Old 24 Oct 2006, 16:55   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

Yup, Calmsword is pretty much the root of all this fan-based stuff, but he/she has a right to be. Of the 3-4 forums I went to during the campaign (not small one's either), only Tau Online was able to really organize a good effort for Tau players, and Calmsword was at the head of that (not that he/she should be given all the credit). When GW did the after campaign survay, I actually worte them an e-mail and told them that while I had fun, a lot of it had to do with the efforts of Calmsword and others who came up with, and pushed these naratives that everyone could take part in, so that might add a little weight to this all.

All this fuss may not amount to anything substantial (and it probably wont), but it can lead to GW haveing a better idea about what it's fan-base likes/wants and I don't think thats a bad thing. IMO, the one thing GW has let me down on is with the current fluff, their's just not enought of it IMO, and maybe our attempts can help get them off their arses and back to writing some good stories.
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Old 24 Oct 2006, 20:17   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

If you saw what druchii.net did...

Well, I am/was part of asur.org. Now, I tell you, they are *at least* as broken as Dark Elves. As soon as druchii.net got some of their points through, asur started a similar thing. As far as I know, they were never heard. There was not enough support.

I believe we could get some ideas through if the support here is big enough. And by big I mean BIG. I don't know how many people druchii had behind their suggestions, but the rumours say hundreds of members took part in it.

Food for thought?

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Old 24 Oct 2006, 23:30   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

Well, facing all facts, it may well just be wishful thinking and a bit of creative exercise. There's a good chance nothing we really get into here will see any sanctioned playability,

But hey, what's the fun in not doing anything? There may just be some chance that something is well enough thought out, just perfectly articulated, such that we might see it in an official setting. Everyone has got to dream, right?

At the same time, it makes me sort-of cautious. Work should be seriously refined on the whole to be taken at all seriously - that is, make sure what gets looked at is worth a little consideration.

Who know what'll happen, y'know?

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Old 25 Oct 2006, 01:16   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

you do something and chances are slim that you'll make a difference.

but if you don't try, then chances are none at all that you'll make a difference.

so why not try?
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Anyways, just because we have already had someone who called it:
Originally Posted by RealMenUseCarbines
Heh, thought he'd know by now...watch this turn into another relationship advice thread.
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

Nothing is going to happen most likely, but it is fun to hope.

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Old 25 Oct 2006, 03:17   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

Calmsword helped to make the Asteroid strike on Ice Station Alpha become a success through his talking with GW, so I have faith in his ability to get this stuff heard. Sure, it may not become official, but at least it may be heard.

And why doesn't every other board have the same thing? Simple, they don't have someone like Calmsword stepping up, making connections and trying to get stuff done!
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Old 25 Oct 2006, 14:07   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Are We Being Realistic?

I want to just briefly thank you guys, it's not often that one's work is recognized and you do me an immense honor in mentioning it. As for the Medusa Campaign, the only reason any of my plans were exercised was because of gamers like you. Gamers who wrote, fought, and nitpicked so that we could get a grapple hold on the Tau faction that GW was forced to recognize.

And I'm a guy so no more need for the respectful 'he/she (thanks for not making assumptions)'- my names Boman Modine. But besides that let me say a few things.

The GW contacts I made during the Medusa campaign have been largely maintained, as well as my relationship with a number of high ranking managers. This does not mean i am on the 'in' page- however it does keep me appraised of certain facts and that is: GW has forced itself to become more open minded to gamers because a variety of reasons which don't need mentioning. A year ago it was made near policy to look at Forum boards, especially Warseer.com, and a select others which were voted as the highest viewed on the net- Tau Online being one of them.

That being said, the number of House Rules has diminished and the number of gamer submittions has risen especially in Specialist Games branch of GW. It is fervently hoped that I will be able to collect a number of ideas and send them in- if they are not accepted/altered/kept in mind, I can guarantee it will be reviewed.

Thankyou Again
~Good Hunting
~Good Hunting
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