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aggressive units?
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Old 22 Oct 2006, 21:33   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default aggressive units?

yesterday i had my first game with my tau at 340 points( all i had).
anyway i was very aggressive with my firewarriors + devilfish and i really liked that playing style and it was very fun!
after i thought about what i did in that game and compared it to how i thought i was going to play, my whole mind changed!
anyway I'm asking what are some useful aggressive units you guys recommend?
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Default Re: agressive units?

Hehe, that feeling is so familiar. I believe just about every Tau player has had it at some point.

Well, if you like the aggressive playstyle you should get stealthsuits and crisis suits with shortranged weapons. Vespid and GunDrones might also be a good addition.

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Default Re: agressive units?

Definitely Crisis and Stealthsuits. Get up in the guys' face and blow them away. Then hide. Then do it again.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: agressive units?

Aggresive Tau units... Hmm--pretty much all of them?

XV8's--some ideas might be helios (plasma rifle and fusion blaster), firestorm (burst cannon and missile pod), etc.

Stealths---great aggressive units, short range, but tons of shots and their stealth suits can help to avoid TOO much return fire.

Firewarriors (especially performing a Fish of Fury)--Personally, I like to do a FoF with a Skyray--a bit more armor and 6 BC shots and a couple BS4 markerlights can really make or break a FoF. The first time you get 2 markerlight hits on a FoF'd unit---you will love it. 24 ST 5 shots hitting on 2+--you will love it, your opponent will hate it.

Kroot--not exactly a great charging unit, but a fabulous unit to bunker up and shoot or countercharge with.

Piranhas--a great unit to toss a seeker missile on, coupled with the skyray I was referring to above. First turn the piranha scoots up a flank, the skyray lights up a tank, and suddenly your hitting his side or rear armor rather than the front... Plus, a unit of a couple of these with fusion blasters can become a real pain for his heavy support choices--AND you get a free unit of drones to drop off behind/flanking your opponent, making target choices more difficult and harrasing him.

Skyray--I know alot of people don't like these, but I love this tank. My opponents are beginning to HATE markerlights, and this is the only codex option for truely mobile markerlights. Plus, it is gonna have to be fairly close anyway (36" range on the ML's) might as well get 6 BC shots in too.

Hammerhead--While I like Xv88's, they are just too slow for me, plus I can't say enough good about the submuntions shot. Killer against almost anyone.

These units form the basis of most Mech Tau armies--if you wanna play agressively and like to be very mobile, I would advise you check it out. The ATT boards and these boards are great places to get info.
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Default Re: aggressive units?

I agree with all of that, apart from the BC on the skyray. I much prefer smart missiles, just for that extra range, and to get the ultimate horror of an untargitable vehical still pounding their lines. Of course you need a pathfinder unit as well for that.
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