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The tactical ability/variety of the Tau
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Default The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Hello there!

I'm soon starting to play WH 40k having my 2k list of High Elves (almost) completed.
The Tau Empire recently captured my interest and now I'm seriously thinking of collecting them. But I'm still wondering the Tau way of war, as they seem to be atleast one of the most least-varied armies in 40k. But yet their oh-so-deadly-weapons and skimmers appeal to me, as do their neat fluff really standing out from the usual 40k fluff.

So, I now hope to hear some comments from Tau players regarding the tactics of the Tau and general "Why to collect them" -information.

Great site for all DE stuff.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

OK Commander Nearsight, here's the lowdown on Tau. Our line troopers are VERY static... You can change out if they have rifles or Carbines. Our Shas'Ui's (sargents) can be buffed up a lot, but most of that will assist his squad, or another squad, and not make him nastier in close combat. Where the Tau shine is the sheer amount of customization when it comes to our commanders, and our Crisis Suits. When you play Tau, you know what army the Tau player is going up against (or is more likely to go against when in a Tourney) by looking at his Crisis Suit configs.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Don't forget the mobility we can bring to bear with Devilfish, jumping crisis and stealth suits, and Hammerheads, plus the super-fast Piranha. Not to mention being able to call down a crapload of firepower while still on the move.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Welocme to our grand Empire, but more importantly the TO, forums.

Seriously look over the articles we have in the important topics section. i've been playing Tau ever since they came out, and I still learn from the articles. Tau are a very mobile force that has little actual firepower, but the ability to focus what we need where it hurts. I've had single crisis suits kill 150-200 pts worth of things because he was hitting the right target. Tau may have a steep learning curve, but the power wielded when it is learned is frightful and amazing. Good luck and for the Tau'va!


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Shasocastris, since my return to these boards, nothing has made a bigger impression than you and your views.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Heya Just like me! High Elves -> Tau.

In many ways, these armies are similar. They are both "underdog" armies. Take the High Elf Phoenix Guard for example. Very powerful - way too pricy. You'll often experience this with Tau too, especially Crisis Suits.

Essentially the Tau is (among others) a purely shooting force. However, they don't possess the best shooting around. Weird? Hold on...

Unlike the Imperial Guard who can lob hundreds of shots and several pie plates at you every single turn, the Tau army launches a few, devastating shots. IG is a butcher while Tau is a surgeon. It's about striking hard and fast.

The reason Tau do well is because they have a mix. That's right; a mix. They are not the most mobile force around, nor the one with the most firepower. However, they do, argueably, have the best combination.

In general the Tau army is fast and strikes hard, but needs to have specialised units synergizing to pull a victory.

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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Tau are strange like that. We aren't really the best shooting army in the game, or even second or third. Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos, and Eldar can all build armies that will out-shoot Tau in a straight artillery duel. The primary reason for this is the lack of Heavy Weapons in Troops choices, the low number of weapons on our vehicles, and of course, an army-wide Ballistic Skill of 3. Also frustrating is that those same armies can sink a small number of points into assault units that will tear through your units, even while they retain most of their ranged strength. Tyranids with a few Carnifexes can shut down the firepower of a Skimmer army by continually glancing them with Venom Cannons.

By the same token, Tau are not the fastest army in the game. Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, and Orks can all get where they are going faster, and do quite a bit of damage when they get there.

Tau are also much more restricted in potential tactics than most armies. A Space Marine player has the option to try a close-combat approach, a ranged approach, or anything in between, often with the same army list. Tau are going to have to go for ranged, with very few exceptions. The choice is instead whether to engage in close with mobile squads or hang back with static squads. Most of your tactics in the assault phase are designed to mitigate the damage others can cause to you, rather than how you can cause damage yourself. This can be frustrating, so make sure you know what to expect.

But Tau do excel in three areas, beyond every other army in the game. The first is mobility. Even though Eldar and Dark Eldar are faster, they can't pull off the kinds of sneaky redeployments that Stealth and Crisis suits can in the space of a single turn. We can put the right weapon in the right place and time, and we can hide him safely away from return fire. We also have the best skimmer-drop units in the game. Supported with Marker Drones, we also have the best basic infantry unit in the game for sheer offensive firepower at close and long-ranges.

Tau are also the best army in the game in terms of deployment and scoring unit manipulation. We have many different units that can deep-strike, and we can flood the table with single-model scoring units. The Positional Relay lets us reliably drop expendable scoring units in turn 5 or 6 to claim objectives and table quarters.

The other thing the Tau excel at is the combined-arms approach. Tau are incredibly good when they can support each other. Markerlights are absolutely lethal in the new codex. You can turn a unit of Fire Warriors into an absolute monster, hitting and wounding on 2s with AP5 weaponry. You can pull off bank-shots into rear armor with Piranhas even after moving 24"! You can easily block charge lanes with tanks that can take abuse but don't block your LOS.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

The 2 biggest reasons I wanted to play Tau are:

1) They don't have power armor. All my other armies do ;D

2) Forgeworld goodies...

That's about all I needed. Mechanised Tactics sound like fun, and much more challenging than what I'm used to.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Yippee! I bought the Tau Empire codex earlier today and an old but quite cool Ethereal with -50% of the original cost! Sure feels good to have my new army started so... good! ;D

The huge load of optional wargear of the battlesuits astonished me. Those gadgets really allow the Tau players a variety of choices when it comes to equipping the battlesuits. Can't wait to field-test them!

But one thing made me almost sad: Commanders can't choose the railgun (aka Cheesecannon of Greater Destruction)! Well, perhaps it would be a bit cheesy indeed on Bs5 Hq choice...

Now it's time for me to paint the rest of the High Elves (16 Archers&Swordmasters Command Group) and in time, to buy the Battleforce, a suitably good-looking beginners choice. I've already got one HQ choice (buy I still have to buy a Commander...) so with the Battleforce, I can start playing the Tau with a 500 points army some day. In the far, far future...


Great site for all DE stuff.
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

Tau battleforce Rules quite hard. you nearly got evrything for 400-750 battles. maby an extra squad of fws and stealthsuits.

About the stealthsuits. these are amazing.
especialy when you got 6.
4 with burst cannon.
2 with Fusion blaster.

(you can replase 2 fusion blasters with 2 burst cannons)
but this load-out makes them superb. Anti-tank, anti-marine and anti normal infantry.

and since there Jump infantry (jet-pack) they can Jump-Shoot-Jump. (JSJ).
it makes you do some annoying things. for example. the range on the burst cannon is 18". and assault, move 6" towards your enemy, shoot, and than 6" back. witch ectuly makes the range of the weapon 18".

and ofcourse you can jump from your "inpenetratalbe wall" to shoot them and than get back. and they got 3 sv. witch is neat, and since they got stealthfield generator. there anti-sniper xD.

when you roll a bit lucky you can kill a Landspeeder, 2 tactical squads, and a wirlwind with just 6 stealthsuits. (nearly 400 pts). defentely try to cheak em out!
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Default Re: The tactical ability/variety of the Tau

hey kettino read the Rules you can't post weapon or unit stats

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Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn (working on campaign)
They may be laughing at your red paint jobs or bat-eared grots when you deploy, but after loosing a few units to "da green horde" they'll learn to take your sonz of funguz seriously.
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