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Im Thinking of changing from Shadowsun To Farsight
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Im Thinking of changing from Shadowsun To Farsight

I havnt got any of the commanders yet but i was wondering..

I dont use Kroot or Ethereals or vespid, i have a mech army and i was wondering if he'd be a good commander for this squad:


Would anyone be able to fully explane to me (In A Pm, or in this post) how i could add to that list with him being one of my commanders?
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Default Re: Im Thinking of changing from Shadowsun To Farsight

Ok well I was looking at your list and I have a few suggestions:

1: You have to drop a Stealth Squad, you have a 0-1 restriction on anything that isn't a Crisis Suit, Firewarrior, or Gun Drone.

2: Drop a Hammerhead, again see point 1 as for why.

3: Add a full Broadside unit, preferrably with ASS, as you will be lacking in the Rail gun department.

4: Add a Deathrain Squad, you need some more mid range shots.

5: This is more taste, but maybe drop a Firewarrior squad and use the points to beef up O'Shova's command squad.

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