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[Batrep] Tau vs Marines, 1500 Pts COD
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Default [Batrep] Tau vs Marines, 1500 Pts COD

Well, it's been a few days since fighting this battle.. and since It's been one of the most fun games I've played (in part because of the game, but mostly the socialisation). This was a pick up game with me vs. two marine players (DIY chapters) at the local GW, and as it was short notice, they both scrambled together 750 pts to play against my 1500. Sorry if I don't know all the details of the battle, but this is what I rememeber:

Marine Lists:

Marine 1
Tooled up Jump pack Chaplain Epistolary? w/ Fury of the ancients, and fear of the dark
10x Tactical Las/PLas Marines
10x SM scouts, 9 Snipers, 1 Missile launcher
10x SM Scouts, CCW, Sarge w/ Powerfist

Marine 2
Unknown ~200 Pt HQ (captain?)
10x Las/PLas tac marines
10x SM scouts CCW, sarge w/Stormbolter
5x SM scout Snipers

D'yanoi 20th Mechanized "Flame Wind"
Shas'O Fireknife w/ SG

Shas'vre Fireknife 7 (w/ MT)
Shas'ui Helios w/ SG, 2xGD
6x Stealth suits (w/ TA)

12x Kroot
12x FW w/ Shas'ui
12x FW w/ Shas'ui
DF w/ MT, DL

8x Gun Drones,
8x Pathfinders, w/ Shas'ui


Now, playing COD, there were a lot of buildings (we rolled for 6 buildings, and a Tau landing pad was added afterwards. The mission was to capture the buildings (sadly, the landing pad did not count for this), Game level was Alpha, so strategems were Ammunition Dump and Plunging Fire for me, and, after some debate, Infiltrate and Prelim bombardment for the Marines.

Shas'O Nan'Shas looked down on his rapidly deploying troopers. He and the D'Yanoi Suam'Sha had just arrived on the planet, tasked with the retaking of a small city currently under Imperial Space Marine control. Though he could not yet see his enemies, he knew there response would be quick, and very deadly. This place, with a few Tau structures scattered amongst the Imperial ruins, would certainly suffer yet more of the vagaires of war, its ruined buildings and rubble strewn streets once again packed with corpses. O'Nan'Shas simply hoped they would not be Tau. Startled by the departure of the last of the Orcas, and the whine of a gunship's engines, he set about preparing the defence of his small foothold, awaiting the moment to strike deep into the city. He had barely begun issuing his orders when the thunder of artillery could be heard, followed by the all to familiar crunch as shells began to land all around his positions...

Here's a ROUGH sketch of the battlefield (Points to however correctly Identifies everything I wrote/drew!)

The SM players used their infiltration to get their assaulty scouts into the buildings nearest me, and the snipers in to the tall building in the north west quadrant.

I use the Pathifinders scout move to move a measly 3 inches further into the ammo dump, while the marines win first turn. Luckily, the preliminary bombardment was... absolutely useless, as i did not lose a single trooper...

Marines Turn 1:
Both assault geared Scout squads moved forward, and the jump pack psycker moved towards the sniper scouts. Shooting began with fury of the ancients, which killed a drone from my helios, and pinned my Fire warriors near the ammo dump. Apart from, most firepower was concentrated on the pathfinders, and while they held up well (given the amount of shots), taking 5 casualties, and holding position (but pinned). on my eastern flank, the Scouts fired at my fire warriors.. causing no casualties. I also lost 1 of my kroot.. to the squad of 5 snipers i think

Tau Turn 1

With the core of my troopers pinned in and around the ammo dump, drawing all the fire, i began moving up my flankers. The hammer surged forward, flying hihg above the city. The rest of my eastern flank also advanced, towards the single squad of Scouts. To the west, my Suits jumped forward, hoping to get into range of the sniper scouts. In the middle, My commander and the helios jumped forward to engage the advancing scouts.

Shooting was very effective. Hammer head was the first to open up, droping a subminition on the tactical marines (i managed to get 9 under the pie plate, and kill 4) The combined fire of the Smart missiles, Devilfish drones, and rapid firing Fire warriors wiped out the scouts. In the center, the helios, Shas'O and Kroot, with the second devilfish dropped 5 more scouts. On the western flank, the Stealths managed to drop 3 snipers (small squad), and the fireknife another. They then jump further up, behind the cover of a large fountain. The helios jumps into the ammo dump, taking a wound as he landed awkwardly.

Minutes after the echoes of the bombardment finally died down, O'Nan'Shas took a quick count of his men... they all seemed to be shaken, but unharmed. But when the crack of bolters began, he knew the marines were coming with a vengeance. AS bulllets pattered on the ammunition dump, a sudden whoosh of light appeared... "A psyker is here," he thought, "now this will be interesting" as one of his squads of Fire warriors cowered behind some rubble. As the startled Fire Warriors began replying to the hail of bullets, the air was filled with streams of blue plasma pulses, while the gunship hovering overhead commanded the battlefield, battering the Marine positions with the satisfying crunch of Submunitions.

Marine Turn 2:

The marines now, feeling the pain, begin to advance, under the covering fire of the snipers. The reduced squad of marines and the Commander move southwards, while the remaining assault scouts attempt to get out of their building and into assault range.

The Psyker once again unleashes his psychic powers, destroying the helios and remaining drone, and killing one firewarrior and a pathfinder. The pathfinders fail leadership, and fall back 1 inch... apparently the shas'ui realised it was not a good idea to stick to close to the windors. The two remaining snipers manage to kill another kroot, but cannot pin them. The large squad of snipers, startled by the hail of pulse fire, thought they saw something move, fired a withering hail of sniper rounds, but alas, there was nothing there. (Marine 1 tried taking out my stealths with his 9 snipers... unfortunately, he rolled 15" for spotting... they were actually so close that we couldn't decide if the were in range or not... luckily a dice roll decided the outcome... no stealth guts splattered on the ground!). The tactical marines that did not move take aim at the hammerhead, and manage to stun it...

Tau Turn 2:

On the eastern flank, the drones and devilfish move up, to take position in the building formerly occupied by the scouts, while the fire warriors hold steady. To the east, my suits once again jump forward, to deal with the snipers. In the center, my fire warriors advance, along with my Shas'O, while the fish moves up and on top of the ammo dump. the hammerhead, unable to shoot, ducks down behind a building.

Shooting was again fairly eventful, the kroot, devilfish, and retreating pathfinders finish off the 4 scout marines. The shas'o and shas'vre fireknifes eliminate the 2 remaining snipers from one squad, while a withering hail of pulse fire from the stealth suits manages to kill 5 more snipers. on the easter flank, my fire warriors, which are barely in range and line of sight of the advancing marines, open fire, dropping 3 with the help of the second devilfish.

Barely having time to look upon the the progress of his cadre, O'Nan'Shas was able to see that the advancing space marines were rapidly faltering. Their scouts all falling dead under a withering hail of fire, there suddenly were no immediate assault threats. Even the "elite" Marines were falling under the hail of pulse fire. And suddenly the battle was over. The marines, thinking better of their unmeditated assault, fell back, to regroup and rethink their plan of attack. Standing in a sudden silence, O'Nan'Shas began to take in his troops... there were casualties, but for the moment, they were fairly light. His men had faught well, he thought, smiling, but it would be ever more difficult to advance with the arrival of imperial Reinforcements. And there was still that anoying Psyker to deal with.

After 2 turns, my opponents called the game, as it was already 8:15, and there was no time to play another turn before the GW closed. So, as we couted the buildings captured by both sides... it was a draw! However, i did gain one building, only having started with 2 that were objectives, while the marines had deployed/infiltrated into 4. Oh well...
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Marines, 1500 Pts COD

I don't blame you for stopping when the GW was about to close, but I think your opponents calling the game was kind of a wussy move. If the game had continued, you'd have won more buildings, and their troops might have been able to pull it together. I disagree with surrender, especially in this context. However, I do applaud their sneakiness. I think if I had been in charge, I'd have Deep-struck (past tense of deep strike is what?) more battlesuits behind them. I also assume when you say East means your right side. Nice little narrative in Italics. Well done on the whole. I'd call this a victory if it weren't for the sudden ending. Congrats!
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Marines, 1500 Pts COD

I did think that it was kind of a wussy move... we could have played until the employees kicked us out :P

But no matter... i did do rather well with the dice... (rolling slightly above average) when normally i do really badly (dice hate me).

But i must say.. the single biggest factor (aside from expensive HQ and lots of troops to chew up), having 2 people, and the need to cooperate, against one is never a good way to win.
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Default Re: [Batrep] Tau vs Marines, 1500 Pts COD

Very well written and it sounded like you gave him a pounding. Too bad it was such a short battle.

I'll stare the xxxxxxx in the face as he screams to God, and I'll laugh harder when he whimpers like a baby. And when his eyes go dead, the hell I send him to will seem like heaven after what I've done to him.
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