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Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum
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Default Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

Any scenarios (not campaigns) for the submition at the end of this month, in the spirit of 'rescue the Aun' from the original codex.
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Default Re: Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

Hm. Gonna reserve this space for a formal write-up once I get back from classes tonight. I've had some ideas I wanted to cook up anyway.. ;D
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Default Re: Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

What about a sort of tau vs tau "Paintball" training exercise? Maybe involving capturing the enemy's flag
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Default Re: Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

Definatly-how about

The Tau cannot grasp the concept of Tau on Tau violence and as a result they're armies would never fight one another. As a result the Tau 'Tag' Scenario can be used to explain Tau conducting excercises.

The Tau weapons are outfitted with electronic markers that activate suite markers in armor which disengages the armors power source, forcing the 'victim' to the ground (out of action) [this is based on Tau fluff].

SET UP: Both Tau armies set up after a roll off, higher up gets to choose who starts first.

SPECIAL RULES: No CC- Tau do not assault one another in hand to hand combat, during these missions Tau units/Drone units may not engage one another in close combat or suffer immediate disqualification (unit that assaults is out of the game). Kroot however often enjoy sparring with one another and so Kroot units may assault one another, combat is resolved between unit leaders only.
OBJECTIVES: 1-3: Capture the Flag 4-5: Assasination 6: Bunker Assault

Capture the Flag: Designate a Flag for each army, preferably in a building or fortified position. Only one unit may be marked as the 'Goal Keepers' every other unit must be set up 12'' away and may only get within 6'' of it at any time. An enemy unit may take the flag by assaulting it. They must then return the flag to their own flag (flag must be in it's place for the win to count). Units that are 'out of action' drop the flag and may be picked up.

Assasination: Roll off, winner gets to choose who must Assasinate. One 'HQ' model is chosen (stats are a fire warrior with no armor) and the Defending army must escort it to the other side of the field. The Attackers must kill it.

Bunker Assault: Bunkers cannot be destroyed but if hit the unit inside counts as pinned. All other rules apply.

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Default Re: Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

Sounds good, but what about Vespid and Gue'Vesa? I don't know if the Vespid would spar, but I'm sure Gue'Vesa would. Also, if the assault is determined between leaders, then rest of the models must form a circle around the sparring opponents. Both opponents have D6 "wounds" (count for points, like in boxing or anything else) and loss of these "Wounds" may cause morale checks as usual As soon as one sparring opponent leaves the ring (due to fallback, etc) or one opponent loses all his "wounds" then the match is over.
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Default Re: Tau Special Scenarios: Open Forum

Humm, and a variant to save to Aun, To save to the Fio'O of an Imperial ship approaching it to recover it?
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