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Close combat characters are overated.
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Default Close combat characters are overated.

Right now Im trying to come up with a special character...and Im trying to lean away from the close combat aspect. too many characters have this close combat skill and for Tau thats a very bad idea.

So far I have thought about basing him off of Gundam Heavy Arms of Gundam wing...but I dont know exactly how I want to do this...any suggestions?
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

Most of our Tau special characters are based plainly on close combat, or being much better at it then normal Tau. A long ranged person wouldn't be so weird, a close combat master makes the character 'special' in Tau armies!

-Farsight was a close combat person. While he still offered long ranged attacks (Plasma Rifle), he has the only power weapon in the Tau army, he has a higher initiative then other Tau, and he's better at close combat in general.
-Aun'shi was also a close combat person. He didn't have ANY long ranged attacks, so close combat was his only option, and as he had the pimpin' Honour Blade, and his hyped up WS, he was actually decent at it!
-Even ShadowSun is a little close combat oriented. Her guns are short ranged, so she has to get close, and she has higher initiative and WS then other Tau (so obviously, codex creators were thinking she'd be getting some close combat weapon to the face).

To most Tau, these guys are really special, they offer more in the line of close combat, and in the case of Farsight and Aun'shi, were actually pretty good at it. They just stuck out in the Tau army, and I'm guessing that's one of the reasons they are truly special.

However, I don't think long ranged special characters are needed. Special characters are there so units in any army (with special characters) that don't have certain abilities or skills, can acquire some in their army to use. Tau already have long ranged covered.
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

And don't forget that you can kind create you own shooty monstrosity (2+ save, 4+ inv, feel no pain?), and get a sweet conversion outa it
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

While I don't disagree with ToadMaster, I don't really feel all that's said is true. Look at the new space marine character - He follows the fact that he gets something the army doesn't have much of with infiltrate and a scout move. However, at the same time, he's near exactly an assult marine otherwise.

The same arguement (Or rather, in my opinion I suppose) does not hold with a character like Farsight, who isn't really just "a Crisis suit that melees". While not only shifting your organization heavyily, he lacks what it is Crisis suits are able to do: Be variable.

So why not give the Tau a ranged character? Someone like Shadowsun in an experimental suit. And off the basis of Gundam Wing, rather than using Heavyarms who (again, in my opinion) doesn't well fit into 40k, here's one using the Vayeate instead ...

*I'm not a big 'developer' as far as actual stats and ruling go, but a breakdown, nonetheless*

Points: 150
3 5 4 4 2 2 2 9 3+

Unit Type: Jump Infantry (jet pack)

Equipment: XV62 battlesuit, railgun, missile pod, multitracker

Special Rules -
Independant Character
XV62 battlesuit:
This experimental battlesuit grants the user the Acute Senses special rule. The user may also fire heavy weapons after moving as though it were stationary. The XV62 battlesuit contains an integrated shield generator that grants the user a 5+ invulnerable save.

I'm short on time, but think of the XV62 as the 'in-between' prototype of Crisis, Stealth, and Broadside suits. It retains the mobility of the Crisis, the frailty of the Stealth, and the heavy weapons ability of the Broadside. In transition, the railgun comes very close (in essence) to the main gun of the Vayeate.

Gundam? Yes. Balanced? Doubt it. Original? Surely.


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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

I hate to put a damper on this idea, but there might not be a decent gameplay issue for not having stealth commanders, but there sure as hell is for not having broadside commanders. In a word: railguns. A railgun that can shoot without retaliation is probably the cheesiest thing I can think of, so I don't ever seing it becoming official, unless as a special character, which would eb nice. People would still have a very nice excuse to scream cheese if we get JSJ railguns though. However, we have the Vayeate, so here is my rendition of:

Mercurius (150pts)

4 5 4 5 4 3 4 10 3+

Equipment: assault 2 plasma rifle, protector field, plasma saber

Special Rules:
Protector Field: A linking of many shield generators that can dissapate the most powerful shots, but overtime weakens until it charges again. the first time any weapon that would deny the Mercurius its save, reduce the weapons str by 4 and AP by 4. The next time, reduce it by 3 and 3, etc. In a turn it is not used in this manner, it recharges, starting at 4 again. it also is a shield generator.
Plasma Saber: +2 str, reduces ALL saves by 2.
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

i think that would be a fine character as long as you maybe lessen the stealth field ability if thats included in your suit. I agree that a railguner with stealth suit powers would anger and frustrate more then a few people of. BUT... if you take the stealth field capability away or at least make it much easier to see him then i think it could work. Also if he is a character then shouldn't he have a BS of 5 like other Tau characters?

one thing i don't get about the tau... if their so advanced then why don't they have mass produced targeters to at least equal those of space marines. If i were that advanced id make a targeting matrix that hits on a 3.

anyway... if you make the changes i talked about earlier then i think it would work as a ranged character.

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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

Making a Railgunner Special Character would work, but I would do it by essentially turning him into a slightly weaker but more accurate version of a Carnifex. Make him a Monstrous Creature and raise his toughness up to 5 (maybe give him a small blast template variant shot type). Call it an XV92 or XV98 to indicate the larger weight class. I'm sorry, but if the strongest close-combat army list in the game can take a bunch of 2-shot S10 weapons on T6 creatures with 4 wounds, it isn't going to break the Tau to be able to take one on a special character. But it can't work with IC protection, so pull that away and make him a size-3 Monstrous Creature.
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

Or just give him some Gun Drones, or something else kinda useless...
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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

That's probably going a seperate route than what I had in mind ... I mean, the idea is to lighten the load on the suit so that it's able to get the assult move. For the record, I don't much like the idea of a missile pod and multitracker on mine, but I was a bit starved for ideas, and still don't have any alternatives.

I can understand a seperate creation that acts as a (more or less) hammerhead in a battlesuit, or even my idea in a non-character form (squads of 1-2, come with railgun and target lock, normal BS of 3).

Anyway, that's really all I've got to say ...

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Default Re: Close combat characters are overated.

the railgun twin linked?
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