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Terms and Phrases
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Terms and Phrases

Hello all...

So, I picked up the Tau Empire codex (I'm a long time Chaos Marine player...needed something new), and have been browsing the forums and lists and looking though the codex trying to familiarise myself with everything.

Now, looking though the lists and tacticas, I've been encountering terminology such as "Fireknife" and "Deathsrain". I've no clue what-so-ever as to what these mean. I know they're used for XV8 configurations, but what configurations are they exactly?

If possible, could one of the more lingotastic (Is that a word?) members enlighten me? Perhaps a list of different words used to describe stuff, and what they mean in an expanded form.

I've not found anything pertaining to this around, and if it's been brought up before, could someone direct me to it?


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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Hi Jesse and welcome to Tau !!

I believe this link will answer your questions regarding XV8 terms :

Happy reading

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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Well First off let me Welcome you to Tau ^.^ second What pages did you find this on If I read it i might be able to tell you.
Also Welcome to the Tau Empire I knew that with a little advertising and Cookies with milk would work!

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I could almost see that.
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

I think he meant on here and other forums, the config names that we often use for the Crisis configs. It's not in the codex, but yes, the link provided will give you the info you seek.

Welcome to TO and the path for Tau'Va! Any other questions, feel free, and I look forward to seeing your first list, we'll all be more than happy to give you some help and advice!
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Welcome! I didn't know those when i started, and now i always forget them. So annoying to remember. : But you get used to it.
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Welcome to Tau Online. I am Matthias (Matt for short).
So the configs actually took me awhile to figure but i know some.

Fireknife-missle pod, plasma rifle, multi-tracker
Helios-Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Cyclonic Ion Blaster, and shield generator
(the ones below i created...At least i might have some differences)
Reaper-Fusion blaster, TW missle launcher
Shadow-TW fusion blaster, Burst cannon
Ghost-TW plasma rifle, TW burst cannon


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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Matt, actually, the only one you've got right is the Fireknife.

Helios is Fusion blaster and Plasma Rifle.

Your Reaper is a Deathrain with a FB

Your Shadow is a Sunforge with a BC

and your Ghost is illegal. You can't have 4 weapon systems. If the TW BC is a mistake, then it's a Burning Eye with a BC.
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Actually, the Reaper is called a Firesurge-7, the Shadow a Stormsurge-8, and Ghost simply isn't legal.

ndj's link contains the standard names. Aurora (Cyclic Ion Blaster and Plasma Rifle) is a more recent name, and there's a few others I don't know of.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Terms and Phrases

Here's a bit of background from the GW-Site:


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