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Special Issue Weapons
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Default Special Issue Weapons

Right now I'm putting all missile pods and plasma rifles on my suits to make somewhat of an all comers config. But now Ive been hearing good things about some of the special issue weapons or other configs. Please share your own ideas on suit weapons and configs. Thanks!!
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

all comers crisis suits do nothing. anyway, plasma CIB is good, as well as missile pod, CACN, and positional relay for a support shas'o. cheap too
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

In my opinion, the CIB can be an amazing weapon if you get good rolls. I, personally, have found the Fireknife config can be quite effective if used correctly.....

One last thing: put the pos. relay on a Shas'El rather than a Shas'O, because it doesn't benefit from the 'o stat line. The Communicarion node, however, does.
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

I use an A.F.P. in conjunction with linked burst cannons on a monat Shas'vre with a couple shiled drones. It does pretty well in slaughtering hordes like orks,nids,gaurd, even eldar on occasion. Works really well in COD since it doesnt allow cover and needs no LOS just have to roll 2d6 for scatter.
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

CIB is a burst cannon on steroids: just as good (not better) against guards, a bit better against carapace armor, and much, much, much better against marines and termies. Its very much worth trying out with a plasma cannon.

AFL's pretty good too, just don't put it on a commander.
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

i use a Shas'o with a missile pod and CIB, now multi tracker. i don't think i need to explain what each gun for.
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

Originally Posted by shasocastris
all comers crisis suits do nothing. anyway, plasma CIB is good, as well as missile pod, CACN, and positional relay for a support shas'o. cheap too
My Fireknives usually kill more in value per match then any given unit of fire warriors.

That said, I can see a CIB / Plasma suit being very viable.
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

Special Issue weapons are very new, as they have just been released in the new Tau Empire codex, and it only (none of the previous codicies used them). And as a result, it is very apparent that the Tau Empire has just created them, and therefore they are not very mass-produced like most other Battlesuit weapons taken in the Tau Empire wargear sections. Thus on Tau commanders can field them. That's just basic knowledge.

As actual weapons in the Tau armoury, you are expected to read what they are about, and try to field them to the best you can, based on who you are fighting, and who is using the guns (low strength weapons should have have a high BS user as they need a lot of shots to have a good chance of wounding, etc). So you have a choice to decided whether you want to take these 'special issue' weapons in your army;

As a whole the weapons are very unpredictable as a base weapon, obviously the reason they are being tested by the strongest, most capable captains the Tau can offer (the Shas' O, and El). However, special issue weapons also offer a lot of good abilities most already invented Tau weapons do not add (pretty much the reason they were invented, to fill in the tactical gaps of your army). What two special weapons do we have?

We have the Cyclic Ion Blaster for one;

The Cyclic Ion Blaster is a good, all around balanced weapon, taking a lot of advantage from the special issue category, as only the most experienced users can take the weapon. The reason for this being an advantage, is that the Cyclic Ion Blaster is very weak. It offers some great abilities, like a lot of shots (the most ever used by one weapon in one turn for the Tau Empire), and the occasional AP 1 shot, but to have enough chance to wound enough times with its normally weak stats, you need some good shooters, the experienced Tau (the ones that have access to special issue weapons) have this.

It can provide some nice anti-GEQ shots with some decent wounding chance towards them, and enough AP to pierce through them, and with good enough wounding rolls can cause some pretty nice damage on MEQs (8.8% chance of piercing MEQ armour per shot).

Then we have the Airbursting Fragmentation Projector;

This weapon does not suit the BS of a Tau commander. It counts as a barrage weapon, thus you do not use the normal BS rules to determine whether shots hit or not, thus the great BS of a Tau commander would be quite wasted by taking this weapon. For this, I suggest that if you are going to use the weapon, that you use it on a Shas'vre, as Tau leaders they have access to the weapon, but don't have any better BS then normal Tau, thus the BS is not wasted (although you can increase the BS of a Shas'vre).

This weapon is also an incredibly effective GEQ killer, decent strength (enough to wound a GEQ 4/6 of the time), enough armour piercing to ignore GEQ armour saves (at least the un-upgraded non-sergeants), and a huge pie plate range, meaning it can, with good enough rolls, take out an easy 8 or so GEQ models in one turn without offering them armour saves. Period. They don't even get cover saves, as it ignores terrain as a whole!

As a whole, while odd weapons, and quite unpredictable, these pieces of technology are still pretty good, and can complete a decent job at killing enemies that are automatically sensitive to their stats (just by basic special rules).

Originally Posted by Superchicken 189
Right now I'm putting all missile pods and plasma rifles on my suits
Fireknifes are a nicely effective suit configuration, and is probably the best of all the Battlesuit configs for basic all around fighting, where players are expecting to fight a lot of enemies. My first config was the fireknife, as I had practically every other army in my gaming group to fight, that I knew I would face sometime, and without the time to add magnets onto my suits, I just thought it best (however if you can add magnets do so, it provides a break from constant 'which one is best all around for these enemies;' questions, and will allow you a lot of flexibility when playing in day to day games).

The fireknife allows nicely ranged weapons, and both are very capable in their sport. First off the Plasma Rifle covers MEQs, and heavily armoured troops, while the Missiles take care of lightly armoured vehicles and allow a lot of shots for basic infantry slaughtering. If you are going to make all of your suits one config, this is the one, best all around no doubt.

However, I think you should add a little variety into your army, just so you can have some specialized troops for certain enemies, so that you can pull out not just 'okay' Battlesuit configs against an enemy, but 'great' weapon configs (ie. Fusion Blaster+Plasma Rifle=MEQ+TEQ killers, Burst Cannon+Missile Pod/Cyclic Ion Blaster=Anti-infantry/light vehicles, etc).

Always a pleasure,

-ToastMaster (always truly)
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

I find the fireknife to be excellent in the elites slots. Its only flaw is that its a bit expensive, but utility/power-wise you can't go wrong with it; especially the arrayed version (I prefer it over multitracker for regular suits)

CIB/Plasma on an 'O or arrayed 'El is just too tasty to pass up though. You're not losing anti-vehicle capability so much as exchanging it for greatly improved anti-infantry (that's all infantry that hasn't been T-boosted up to 6/7 +). Works wonders against enemy leaders in most cases, and works just as well as a burst cannon against guardsmen (and carapace, IF burst cannons were AP4, which they're not).
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Default Re: Special Issue Weapons

I use three diffrent configs
1. shas'o with fusion/CIB, and som extre stuff (ninja guy)
2. three fire-knife in one elite slot, they do wonders in co-op with pathfinders
3. kamikazi crissi with twin fusion and targetting. cost 65p (i think) blows up tanks and can take tabel-quarters >
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