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drop troops and tau
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Old 28 Aug 2006, 13:12   #1 (permalink)
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Default drop troops and tau

my friend plays raven guard and has 4 assault squad, and tends to deep strike directly in front of my fire warriors. he has 2 plasma pistols, so my tau rarely survive, and my 3 fw squads and 1 kroot, don't have enough power, to kill all 4 squads, and we all know what happens to tau in cc, especially against 16 attacks per squad.
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Old 28 Aug 2006, 13:14   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

what else do you have in your army? and what else does he have in his?
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Old 28 Aug 2006, 13:22   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

Well, Photon Grenades should help against that a bit. At least he won't have so many attacks on the charge.
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Old 28 Aug 2006, 13:27   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

What is your play style ? MechTau, hybrid or static?

Deepstriking MeQs are often my bane also - and I never had to face four DSing assault squads :-X - Yet, what I noticed is that barring the plasma pistols, those squads can't do much damage to a MechTau force on the turn the arrive, since they can't assault and their shots won't penetrate our armor except for rogue plasmas.

When facing such a scenario, I try to :
1/ NOT deploy my infantry until the DSing squads are on the board
2/ if I must deploy, I do so in cover (better saves against plasma)
2.1/ where possible, I re-embark the FW teams in their transports, exposing the front AV to the danger...

Last point, if your opponent has 4 assault squads, the rest of his army must be pretty thin. This means that during turns 1 and 2 you are mostly free to exterminate his backup with your whole army. A mobile force would be very helpful in such a situation >

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Old 28 Aug 2006, 13:56   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

my army is a mech and some what static
he has

2 devastator w/ las cannon, h bolter, plasma cannon, missile launch, and Sergent
2 tactical squads
1 scout squad for cc
1 scout squad w/ sniper rifles
1 terminator assault squad
1 land speeder

i have
1 shaso w/ burst Cannon,fb,multi tracker, hw target lock and iridium armour
2 body guard 1 w/ shield, cylinic ion blaster, plasma rifle, hw target lock
1 w/ shield, plasma rifle, flamer, hw target lock
ethereal w/ cc weapons
3 crisis suits 1w/ 2 fusion blaster and shield
1w/ p rifle, missile pod, and target lock
1 w/ burst c, fb, shield
3 stealth suits bonded, shas'vre, target lock, hw black sun filter
2 12 man fw squads w/ rifles marker drone both bonded
1 12 man fw squad w/ carbines 2 gun drones bonded devilfish
1 20 man kroot squad
1 4 man vespid squad
1 piranha
1 sky ray w/ smart missile system
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Old 28 Aug 2006, 14:21   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

How I would change your list:

Make your Crisis with PR, MP a Monat, the other two with shields and FB should run together as tank-hunters, but will also help when those DS units come down. I would also split up your FWs a bit more. Make your statics into 3x8 FW squads, instead of 2x12. They can engage more targets and when assaulted you can back up the other two units (unless he assaults all three). I'm assuming that you have Drones on your DF right now. Put them on your Skyray and put the SMS on the Fish. Gives you some extra shots, so when those squads drop, zip your fish up like a FOF, but you've got a bit more space (because you've got the 18" of the carbines) to work with. Also, if he's dropping his units in for an assault next turn, and you don't have Rapid Fire range, BACK UP! If he deploys just outside of 12" from your line, and you move back 6", he's now out of assault range, so he'll move his 12", be within 7" or more of you, and now you can rapid-fire him! If he deploys with 12" Rapid Fire and hope for the best! Hope he deploys outside of 12" tho, because that gives you that extra turn to pull in some fire support. Also, boost up your Vespid (get more models) and keep them back behind the Tau line alongside Kroot. In fact, intermix your Vespid and Kroot with your Tau units. When the DS shows up he'll have to make more of a choice on who to shoot. Then, on your turn, move the Vespid and Kroot, shoot with the Vespid and charge with your Kroot (get some hounds, too) Get the DS stuck in CC with the Kroot. While that's happening, Move your line back (with the Vespids) so that when the SMs beat the Kroot (cuz if it's 4 10-man squads it's impossible to stop) You have range to hopefully shoot them outside of Rapid fire, and then again in rapid fire range.

That's the best I can suggest for you, should work in theory tho. But it may only work once, then he'll wise up. If he deploys squad in front and behind you, you're screwed.
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Old 29 Aug 2006, 07:44   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: drop troops and tau

My advice is to cluster, and also try to fill in gaps where he would try to deep strike, make sure wherever he strikes he feels the full blunt edge of every tau gun shooting at those deep stiking squads. I do not suggest toning your list against him, because he can arugably do that even better than you can! and this can lead to unfriendly games, remember we are tyring to have fun. However you need to switch the CIB onto your shaso!

CIB ON THE SHASO! DO IT! Take off the burst cannon and switch it with the CIB!!! Also, remove the whole command squad thing, just take the 2 crisis as elites, it will make your shaso a lot more protected, one round of combat does not whipe them all out, and he can't be picked out even when he is by himself, as long as he is not the closest target. the points you save will be enough to upgrade your flamer and burst rifle to fusion blasters or missle pods! You should have enough points to upgrade the other crisis unit's burst cannon, so it fits better with the other weapons of the squad. Mixing twin linked (the two plasma one) with the squad is possible but not advisable, since it is more effective to have another weapon for markerlights, which is what you want to use with two weapon elite 3 man crisis squads! Drop the blacksun filter on the stealth and give it to a long range crisis squad, or the sky ray, their low range is not bennifited because they will usualy be able to see, and they are a small unit. Other than that, looks like a solid army, the only other thing to say is when you make your next purchase, get some railguns! good luck!

by the way, i was not telling him to tune his list, i just think his list needs some tweeking in general.
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Old 29 Aug 2006, 13:34   #8 (permalink)
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Posts: 1,409
Default Re: drop troops and tau

I wasn't suggesting he tune his list to his opponent. The changes I suggested, I would suggest against any opponent. It allows some extra flexibilty. The 3 smaller squads are generally more manouvreable that 2 big ones. I used to use 3 squads of 12 myself, with one mounted. Then I split the unmounted squads up into 3 teams of 8 and had a lot better luck with them, esp. against CC-heavy armies, for exactly the tactic I suggested above.

Also, splitting up that Crisis Team would be a good idea because the plasma rifle and Missle Pod are medium-range weapons, whereas the FB and BC that are on the other two suits are close-range. So by splitting them up you can keep the medium-range suit back so he can fire longer, while the other two move up to hunt armour with thier FBs and shields.

Also, I do agree, make the suit with the CIB/PR your Shas'O. The CIB deserves the extra BS so you can get more hits with the lower-powered weapon. Plus it gives you at least 4 chances to get a 6 to wound on average!!!
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