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Crisis Configuration for Cities of Death against MEQ
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Default Crisis Configuration for Cities of Death against MEQ

Since playing CoD, I`ve started to re-think the way I arm my Elite-Crisis suits.

For example, I rarely use Fireknifes as Elites anymore - I just found that they are not as useful in CoD-fights, when most opponents have a 4+ cover save anyways.

Right now, I heavily rely on Deathrains (TL MPs and Flamers) against MEQs - for two reasons.

First of all, as already mentioned,most opponents have a 4+ save, anyways, so the Plasma Rifle`s main advantage (good AP) does not come into play.

Second, range. Plasma is only effective in ranges of up to 12" (24", if TL or ML-guided), whereas MPs are equally good from 0-36" range.
So, on average, I get more shots out of my MPs than out of my PR (longer range, higher rate of fire). Combined with the twin-linking, I should - in theory - score 3 his out of 4 (2 Deathrains) on any given range - which will wound most opponents on a 2+.

I don`t really do mathhammer, but this equals about one dead space marine a turn - at any range.

Adding in the fact that more distance between your and your opponents makes it MUCH easier for you to hide with JSJ from the enemies guns, this makes for a deadly combination.

So, at least for MEQs, why use Fireknifes in CoD as Elites? The main advantage the PR has is nearly nullified by the Cover saves, and the MPs shine.

Don`t get me wrong, I still love the fireknife config!

Of course, when facing Terminators (or Equivalent), you`ll be having a hard time with just Deathrains - that`s the reason my Commander ALWAYS has a Fireknife config.
A Commander with a Fireknife config hits better than a TL MP on any range, AND has the additional secondary PR for Terminator killing power (and again, with better BS, hitting should be no problem).

Adding in massed pulsefire by Firewarriors (FoF-deployment), Stealth teams and maybe even the Flamers of the Deathrains (actually, at this ranges, flamers are better choices, at least against Deepstrking termies), this can whittle down the number of Termies fast.

Elites: Deathrain.
HQ: Fireknife (or any other low AP, high STR config)

What do you think? How do you arm your Crisis if you know a CoD-fight awaits you?
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Default Re: Crisis Configuration for Cities of Death against MEQ

Well, the good news is we are tau and we gots our ways of flushing suckers out of cover. Probobly the best is to keep dropping the pie plate on them from far away enough that they just have to get out of where they are to avoid being hit every turn. Oh yah, and markerlights! we can negate their silly cover saves! Also, we gots rappid firing firewarriors depploying out of devilfish, in relative safety since the opponent would have to move out of cover to reach us. For cityfight against meqs if i had a chose i would take fusion/plasma for sure.
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Default Re: Crisis Configuration for Cities of Death against MEQ

Against MEQ in CoD-

Deathrains are better at removing long range fire bases who are perched in cover.

The reason being, Deathrains can jump into that targets firelane, blast em, then jump back without return fire. They don't have to get up close like a PR, and therefore can avoid crossfire.

So I agree run the deathrains as Elites.

And I agree with running the Shas'el with the low AP high STR weapon loadouts.

However, I am not 100% sold on leaving plasma out of elite slots. I've found suits set up with TL:PR/flamer or standard fireknife are great in situations where you face a lot of fast movers in CoD. Against MEQ fast assaulters, sewer rats, things with flight, things on bikes, and Deep Strikes I think the Plasma is better in because the enemy is often out of cover.

Even if they are still in cover, changing a 3+ to a 4+ or 5+ is still better when each shot counts. Don't forget you have to remove the enemies armor save before ML hits will affect cover saves, which could let you reduce it to nothing.

So I think I may still have a spot for em against MEQ in city fight.

Props on the writeup though
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