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mega force points
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Default mega force points

I'm just wondering, before i buy the mega force, how many points is it. i tried to work it out, but I'm fairly new to 40k and i got a bit lost. so thanks.
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Default Re: mega force points

the WD pulled some crazy stuff and got out 1000 points from it.

of course, some things on that army list was wack and could be made a tad more efficiently so that # has a ~100 point margin for random things (upgrades, crisis suit toys, etc)
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Default Re: mega force points

The Tau Megaforce comes with 792 unupgraded points (models before adding on points for extra weapons, wargear, etc). The Megaforce is however a 1000 points set, so all in all Gamesworkshop expects you to add about 200 points (Hammerhead weapons=40-60 points, Crisis Battlesuit weapons/support systems [two Battlesuits]=50-100 points, Firewarrior markerlights [two squads]=20 points+Shas'ui [2]=40 points, and so on). Basically it's about 1000 points after upgrades.
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Default Re: mega force points

A battleforce is always at least 1000 points, give or take.
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Default Re: mega force points

Well, with my one crisis battle suit, twelve fire warriors, soon to get hammerhead, 2 broadsides and a squad of kroot+shapper+hounds plus the mega force equals 2000 exactly, chech my army list.
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