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Default Misunderstanding

I played a 700 pt. planetfall mission against a 700 pt S.M. player. His objective was to destory my H.Q., obtain most victory points. He won by v.p. but he didn't kill my secondary hq, which happened to be Aun'shi.
His Dread got me in assault. How does his rending weapon work against a Dread, can he hurt him even? Also, how does random game length work, i don't have the rulebook but know most rules. The game ended after turn four because he rolled a one on a D6 roll, what i thought ended the game...
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Default Re: Misunderstanding

First off we are not allowed to give you the rules here, that would be breaching the copywright of GW. You really do need a 4th Edition rulebook, it will answer all of these questions.

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