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Would this be Idiotic?
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Default Would this be Idiotic?

So. Would it be absolutely stupid to rely my ant-tank to broadsides and melta piranhas and take two Ionheads instead of one of both? This would be against Eldar.

Originally Posted by Valar
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Default Re: Would this be idiotic???

Against Eldar I would take the railgun just for the template, what sized game would you be playing?

If you want to take ICs then that seems like an acceptable amount of tank-hunting power, especially if you give the IC hammerheads some seekers.

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Default Re: Would this be idiotic???

You should have one list vs all comers. You shouldn't tailor your list to one army.
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Default Re: Would this be idiotic???

Well, you're cracking open another huge debate. If you look into the Railhead vs. Ionhead thread for some answers to your question.

In the end though, it ultimately depends on what you can adapt to. If you do well with 2 Ion and a BS, then stick with it. All the math and theory means nothing if you don't put the units in the right places to begin with.

Ultimately, though, you shouldn't have too much problem, because the Ion deals with up to AV12 just as well as rails. As far as fusions, I don't really trust them I've never tried them on a Pirhana, but I just don't trust anything for armour that requires I get in assault range. Now, being a skimmer, maybe it's a bit better, but then as far as I'm concerned, you're opening up your rear armour to the enemy.

I have only 2 fusions in my army, and mostly just use them to toast infantry and against armour only if there's no other targets (IE I can use it safely without getting assaulted) I don't rely on my fusions, they're only there for that "just in case" situation. I find a good Missle Pod is much more reliable.
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Default Re: Would this be idiotic???

Originally Posted by Taukki
So. Would it be absolutely stupid to rely my ant-tank to broadsides and melta piranhas and take two Ionheads instead of one of both? This would be against Eldar.

That solely depends on what kind of Eldar we're talking about. If you're facing an Eldar force with no skimmers and no wraithlords then the Ion Cannon may not be something you truly want on your Hammerhead. Forces that lack those two types of units, often have massive infantry in which case a pie-plate submunition guided and reducing the cover save to a 6 from a markerlight will deal more damage often times.

However, if you're facing an Eldar army with only Skimmers and Wraithlords, and less else truly on the ground, the Railgun on the Hammerhead becomes less and less attractive. The Ion Cannons shines in that fight, as it's better at dealing glances to enemy Eldar skimmers and has the same odds of killing Wraithlords as Railguns.

Throwing a few XV88's in a single heavy support (two of them) for quick Wraithlord removal is perfectly fine. Using the remaining heavy to take two Ionheads is also great. They will work very well against Skimmers/Wraithlords/Everything in the Eldar. Ion and Missile pods eat Eldar for breakfast. The Railgun isn't necessary, unless you need absolute dedication to remove 3 Wraithlords as fast as possible and as reliably as possible. But you can still do this with alternative means, if you'd rather not lose Heavies to Railguns (Ion, Fusion, Seekers can make alternatives for you for Wraiths).

So pack in the Ions and Piranha. Let your XV88's do the anti-Wraithlord duty. It works perfectly fine and is not stupid. Railguns are ultimately wasted against eldar Skimmers as most of them reduce the strength to 8 anyways, and further reduce the damage often times due to forcing different damage rolls/results.

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Default Re: Would this be idiotic???

Originally Posted by TauCaptain
You should have one list vs all comers. You shouldn't tailor your list to one army.
I disagree with this notion.
While I'm a fan of the "all comers" list in teaching you how to use each of your units in every possible situation, sometimes a tailored list is the way to go.

This is especially true in Leagues (I use tailored lists exclusively in leagues, because it maximizes my ability to beat each opponent and climb the ladder).

A tailored list can be that much more helpful at teaching you how to use a unit in a situation where it is ideally suited.

Take this thread, against Eldar:

Against Eldar, I have learned the following things.

Missile Pods and Ion Cannons are sufficient to deal with their armor, and I'm able to save costs over using Broadsides/Hammerheads (and Eldar can jack out a lot of AP2 weaponry!). Also, Seeker Missiles shine against them.

Eldar are pinnable! You heard me! You can PIN Eldar! Carbines! Bring Carbines! And Bring Pathfinders!

Crisis Suits can end up being VERY vulnerable to their tanks, which can mount S8 and/or AP3 guns on various types of tanks. The Missile Pod is one of your best ways to survive with Crisis Suits.

And so on.
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