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An interesting idea
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 00:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default An interesting idea

After recent enlightenment.... I have realized a quite interesting, if not suicidal, idea. Having every FoC that can be, a tank, APC, skimmer whatever. Equping them all with fletchette dischargers. Form them in a line, and charge at the enemy (Hopefully a hoard, like orks or nids) with guns shooting, assault them. Then, take advantage of the roll of a six needed to hit a skimmer.

Would this work? I know i would not do it at a tournament or anything importand, but just for fun.

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Old 25 Aug 2006, 01:07   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

well, if they choose to assault you in a death or glory, which they won't, they will just use a guy with a rockit or some cheese. or they need to assault you. and when orks are assaulting even skimmers this can get very tricky.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 01:10   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

As you described it, no it wouldnt work. Skimmers or well vehicles without a weapon skill cannot assault, they cannot even be locked in assault. The only thing you can do is tank shock and then the enemy can chose to death or glory and that could easily put a squad with a burried power fist or melta bombs etc behind your tank, not a good thing. However you can use them to screen an assault most especially against Orks who almost always relly on getting into cc and things like Khonate berserker armies. When they have a good chance of having to head towards and then even assault the nearest target (skimmer or not) you can use that to your advantage. 6s for them to even hit you and then the dischargers and you have a nice chance of making their special rules work against them.

However in a general competetive setting Id say dischargers are entirely up to you, they could work very well or they could be utterly useless vastly depending on the setting and your opponent. They are a nice little piece of rogue gear that can make a big impact or none at all and could add some interest to your games.

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Old 25 Aug 2006, 01:15   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

if khorn run up to your skimmer can they use their extra run move to go around your skimmer and assault your firewarriors or do they have to run strait at the devilfish? what if they are in base with the devilfish, can't they still make their move along it's side?
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 03:33   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

if they flip out they have to go to the closest target. They can not move beyond the target, and if they are already there at a target they cant move at all.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 06:57   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

With Orks, you hafta worry about powerclaws (any decent greenskin will have one per Nob, plus the crowd 'round the Boss), Rokkitz & anti-tank units. It's not all "chew 'em up"... And with a Big Mek's cover or Mega-Armour, you might be S.O.L.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 07:45   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

Unfortunately the lack of AP on the flechette discharger makes it utterly useless. For 10 points, this is far too situational. Not only does it only function when being assaulted (putting this on a wraithlord,etc would be sick on the other hand) but even then only half the things attacking you will take a wound, and even 6+ armor gets its save.

Considering that still means a large chunk of nasty things capable of shredding your skimmer, you're giving 10 points to a situation you'll usually be trying to avoid if possible.

Remember, we cannot assault. Our vehicles do not have weapon skill, nor do they have close-combat weapons. the only time this can even be used is when things assault YOU. And when that happens, its generally not some friendly little grenadeless kroot like I'm sure you were hoping to charge into.

No, its gonna be 32 screeching little hormagaunts with rending attacks, or a bunch of meltabomb or powerclaw wielders.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 09:54   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

Our Devilfish are expensive enough without adding this VERY specialized piece of gear. I would rather those 10 pts be spent on a Seeker Missile as that can kill a Dread, or a Space Marine.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 12:46   #9 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: An interesting idea

This really wasn't an interesting idea.

If you could shoot them at models it be different. I have never put them on my vehicles. People just don't assault them that much and if they do it's to get extra movement.
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Old 25 Aug 2006, 14:17   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: An interesting idea

actualy, flechettes are very powerful if you are assaulted, a very good deturant. This is why, anyone who assaults it is auto wounded and now have to make a save. this could mean 10 marines, 10 orks (yay) 10 anything trying to grenade you! they gotta make a lotta saves!
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