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Default markerlights

i have started a tau army, and are very new to the rules of the tau. i have a fair idea about their weapons, except, i don't know how a markerlight works. are they attached to pulse carbines and pulse rifles, or just marker drones? ???
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Default Re: markerlights

Marlerlights can be given to Shas'ui team leaders of FireWarrior squads (I think Stealth leaders can get 'em too, I don't have my codex at this house). Pathfinders w/o rail rifles get them. They are also attached to marker drones. The way the team leaders and pathfinders get them would be, if you look at the pathfinder carbine, they have a little attachment on the top. that would be the markerlight.
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Default Re: markerlights

More or less it's considered to be under-slung, or attached to the top of the weapons. However, I made a Shas'Ui that has his ML as a separate weapon that he's aiming with, and his PR is on his back while he uses it.
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