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Facing 1500pts Nids, Cityfight Tomorrow
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Facing 1500pts Nids, Cityfight Tomorrow

Greetings all.

Tomorrow I shall be taking my tau to face my veteran friends nids army, in a city fight.
Most likely he will be using a couple of fexes and a hive tyrant (or 2) and a zoanthrope, as well as three warrior squads, some genestealers and a load of hormagaunts and termies.

Any advice as for what to take?
Strategem advice would be helpful as well. ???

Im still relatively new to 40K, but am learning quickly. Other viewpoints are vastly appreciated though.

I was thinking of taking...


A Shas'o with some experimental weaponary and a bodyguard with some of the same. Tooled up to be mega assaulty for taking out big squads of termies, or hromies.
I as going to have the Shas'o with a CIB and TL burst cannon and HW multitracker. The bodyguard one was going to be armed with the same, but swapping the CIB, for an AFP.
So assualt aould be large blast template (ignoring saves) followed by 6 burst cannon shots (re-rolling misses) and then the CIB shots. Follwed by an assault if needs be.


Three warrior squads with leaders, and flash grenades (well the ones that give a -1 attack to chargers).
Kroot squad with shaper.


8 gun drones.


3 x sniper drone squad.
2 x broadsides with stabilisation system.


A couple of suits for taking out the carnifexes and warriors.


PS - If anyone can give me a brief overview of the vehicle rules, id be appreciative, as I have a freshly painted up devilfish and fancy using it.
Mainly the boarding and dissembarking rules etc.
Presumably in a PM, so not to break forum rules.
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Default Re: Facing 1500pts Nids, Cityfight Tomorrow

Right, your first priority has GOT to be his zoanthropes and Hive Tyrants. I realise they may not be the easiest targets to destroy, but they have to. If they die then you have very little to fear from th gaunts, even if they've already rached combat.

Your next concern should be his genestealers and warriors. These will be getting second turn charges almost without a doubt. Also the warriors are a source of synapse keeping his gaunts in check.

After these have been dealt with he should only have the 'Fexes. Use your vehicles to out-pace them and blow them apart. Don't risk this while his Tyrant(s) and 'stealers are still alive though because they might just get lucky and ruin your plans.

Apart from this my advice to you is to hug cover and hope for some very good dice rolling on your part and bad dice rolling on his.

Hope this helps.
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Default Re: Facing 1500pts Nids, Cityfight Tomorrow

For stretegems there is an article on the use of strategems on the UK GW website. Link http://uk.games-workshop.com/cityfight/urban-tactics/1/. Read most of the article because it gives some good pointers for most armies. Also you can get some ideas for what to take. Personally I would take combat engineers, Ammo Dump/Power Source, and what ever you like for the last one.

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