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Shas'O Ejection System
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Default Shas'O Ejection System

I've been tweaking my current list, I've got my Shas'O with a Shas'Vre bodyguard with Failsafe Detonators.

Now, my question is this: Can I put the ejection system on my Shas'O? My first instincts say rules-wise no, but I can see it being the "Tau" way to have the bodyguard detonate so the Shas'O can fall back, then as he runs, the suit gets shot apart (more than likely in retribution) and the Shas'O jets out to land behind friendly lines as the Firewarriors open fire with the chance of hitting the Shas'O past.

I know, I know, I'm gonna get a lot of "Don't give him a bodyguard," but that's not what I want to hear.
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Default Re: Shas'O Ejection System

First off, you can only have one failsafe detonator. Second, if he's got a bodyguard, he's not an independent character, and if he's not an independent character or a monat, then he cannot have an ejection system.

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Default Re: Shas'O Ejection System

In addition, the ejection system simply replaces the commander with a fire warrior with no armor. Unless he can quickly run behind cover, he's going down. Even worse if the enemy simply has more shooting available to finish him off. EVEN worse if he was instantly killed or killed in combat. All around, the ejection system is almost worthless for how rarely it will save the commander.
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Default Re: Shas'O Ejection System

Meh, that's what I thought. More wanted to do it for the concept than the in-game results. oh well.
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