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Medusa Additions for Tau
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Default Medusa Additions for Tau

the Medusa Star-
Founder of the 4th Phase (translation: O'Leath Kai'au)
- the action seen in Medusa is quickly bringing the Tau to yet another
phase of their colonization. Where the First and Second founded the Septs, the Third brought with it the leap beyond the local cluster of stars the Empire has resided in for thousands of years. It is now with this 4th that the Tau will truly take their place as a major power in the galaxy. (symbol depicts Medusan colony symbol. It shows the bearer fought in one of the most critical battles of the age.)

The Valoris Imperator-
The Forever Flame (translation: Sho'ka'ufa Suam)
Offered to members of the Fire caste of every rank that has served for thirty Tau'cyr. However, this recognition is often offered to those Tau that have sacrificed themselves for the Greater Good so that others might continue their path.

Merit of the High Lords-
The 'Recognized' (Translation: Ar'Yen)
All are hero's in the Empire. Every Tau is a member of a great community that strives every day to furthure the trek of the galaxy toward the Greater Good. However there are some who burn with a fire that makes them stand apart from their fellows. Hero's among hero's, Commanders like Shadowsun and Puretide. For one that has achieved and sought for victory and has succeded, for one that is spoken of in the soaring towers of T'au, there is the title of Ar'yen. A minority in the extreme, these Commanders serve the will of the Ethereals directly, often seen at the forefront of the most dangerous tasks that only they can properly accomplish.

The Medusan Laureate
Second Birth (Translation: N'Saal'Cha)
A relatively new award created after the taking of Fi'Rios (one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Third Sphere) it represents a warrior truly understanding his place in the empire as its weapon. Acts of valour that lead to great victory are offered this award. These warriors represent Tau who have looked into themselves and forged a new person, someone stronger and wiser, someone that can work as a cog in the vast machine that is the Empire.

The Order of the Eagle's Claw
Brethren of the Lightning (translation: Se'hen ka Lissera)
Given to units, most commonly XV-8, this represents Tau of unequaled daring who have fallen from Manta deployment ships into the heart of warzones and triumphed. Often it is awarded after a pitched battle made victorios by deep striking warriors.

The Steel Aquilla-
Guardian (Translation-Lar'shi'el)
Also known as the 'kiss of the Tau'va' as those offered it are typically bodyguards of Shas'O or the Aun, Tau that time and again throw themselves in front of ultra-lethal barrages in order to protect their masters. They are individuals who ignore personal safety over those who's lives they have concluded are more valuable then their own.

Knight of Medusa-
Shas'shi (Translation- Greatest Warrior)
Offered to XV-8 Shas'el and Shas'o who have led their units and Cadres in a Kai'rotaa of active combat.

The Order of the Storm
The Unshakable (translation: Cal'Ta)
Offered to those Tau that have been grieviosly wounded in action.

The Ribbon Intrinsic
Only units that have overcome many a hardship are permitted to perform the 'bonding' ritual. Every caste has their own rituals stemming from eons of tradition, however it is most commonly witnessed between Shas and Fio members. The Ta'lissera represents a Tau binding him, or herself, to a the cause of the Tau'va through the combined efforts of the unit they have come to know on an intimate level through strife and the violence of war. The bonding ritual itself, involving scarification that forever brands the individual to his unit, is sacred amongst the Empire, and those that have found themselves withing this sacred brotherhood are well respected.

The Triple Skull
The Mark of the Reaper (translation: An't Korst'la)
The mark of the Reaper is a achievement just as it is a curse. Although disgression is considered the better part of valor among the Empire there are instances where only ultimate destruction is called for. Against the Y'he and the Imperium the Tau have had, on a number of occasions, been forced to commit every life to the ending of a foe. Such incidences, although rare, are awarded the 'mark' signyfing the sacrifice required by many warriors. Unfortunatly the 'mark' is offered posthumously to the record of the deceased. It is a warning and accomplishment, a double edged sword, both to those that would blindly send his cadres forward and those that understand that sometimes only in death does one accomplish the greater good.

The Eagle Ordinary
Understood Truth (translation: Es'cha)
Considered the most common of recongnised accomplishments is the 'Es'cha.' It is a generic accomplishment, so much so that many of those commanders that earn this name choose to 'drop' it. It means, simply, that a warrior of rising rank understands what is commanded of him. That he is a cog, and that he will accomplish all through service to the Tau'va...

The Winged Skull
Shephard of Flame (translation:B'Suam)
The origins of this title stems from times befor the arrival of the Ethereals amongst the plain peoples that would one day become the Firewarriors of the Empire. Historically it was given only to the tribe's greatest warrior who would lead the hunts into the lethal desserts. Traditionally the item was a band of smoothed sandstone that was set at the base of the warrior's spear. Today it is now common to see the same stone formed into a simple ring and interwoven into the bearers hair. Typically offered to Shas'ui teamleaders who have refused career advancement as a XV pilot who's instructions and inspirational leadership that has lead to a victory under extreme circumstances.

The Administratum Medal
Guardian of the Earth,Water or Air_____ (Translation: Lynu'Vesa'T Fio-Por-Kor)
An extremely high honor offered to a warrior for inter-caste defense. This award is often given posthumously after a warrior has protected the other castes long enough for them to retreat. Typically this is offered, in the case of the Earth Caste, after a Cadre has defended a city or outpost, in the case of the Water Caste- after a team has been dispatched to retrieve diplomats under fire, and in the case of the Air Caste- after a succesful defence of a boarded craft or station.

The Crimson Skull
Preserver of Life (translation: Taal't'ta)
The training of a Firewarrior is extensive, both in the art of taking life and saving it. Every warrior has basic first-aid training, however there are those who excel at the art and become the units unofficial medic. This title is awarded to those Tau who keep their brethren alive until the Fio can be brought to save them from mortal wounds.

The Merit of Terra
He/She that Endures (Translation: Tash)
Although last stands and prolonged conflicts are frowned apon by the Shas'Ar'Tol, sometimes there is no avoidance of such a tactic. The 'Tash' is one of the highest honors bestowed apon a servant of the Empire, and is one of the only marks of recognition that is also offered to 'non-Tau.' The 'Tash' represents utter loyalty to the Tau'va and the Empire, given to those that have voluntarily postponed their own demobilisation to allow more time for what must be done.

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Default Re: Medusa Additions for Tau


You come up with that? or is it some new official fluff? Either way it is pretty well written.

I'm not sure the tau WOULD go around sporting tons of medals though. That's very much a 'personal glory' type of recognition, the kind of stuff that IG commissar is sending hundreds of thousands more to their deaths for. I'm just not sure specific medals like these would really find a place in tau society. Seems far more likely they'd just give the hero/heroine an addition to their name like they did shadowsun, farsight, etc... "your name is now really well known" seems to be one of the bigger honors in the empire.

Kinda like how their buildings and artwork are kept pretty subtle; no one's trying to sport a chestful of medals to outshine everyone in the battlefield?
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Default Re: Medusa Additions for Tau

An excellent point. But one must also remember that in such a selfless society, one of the absolute best ways to encourage the troops would be medals to show just how selfless an individual actually is.
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Default Re: Medusa Additions for Tau

i made them off of whats on the Imperial awards on the Medusa site- however they are named additions and the Tau do hold their rank designations and accomplishments in their jewelry and as i said before their name.
These are merely Tau interpretations, help you develope your own fluff.
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Default Re: Medusa Additions for Tau

Suggestions for medal designs? I've used the same squad of FireWarriors in all my Medusa V Combat Patrols, and should probably decorate them all, since they haven't been defeated in weeks.

What kind of designation would Tau use to show the bearer has demonstrated superior committment to the Greater Good?
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Default Re: Medusa Additions for Tau

its in the medals in the above post, you can award yourself with the medals GW has currently given you, then translate it.
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