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Pathfinders Without the 'Scouts' Rule.
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Default Pathfinders Without the 'Scouts' Rule.

Well, it's all here.

What is the 'Scouts' Rule, Anyways?

The 'Scouts' rule allows any team with the ability to be deployed ahead of the rest of your army, and to make a free movement phase (basically they start 18" off the board at turn 1). What this does is it allows you some nice vantage points, in normal games it lets you deploy a little further then the normal model, but its real power lies in games where reserves and escalation rules are used. Normally in these games certain units have to deploy later on in the game (besides normal troops and all of the mandatory units), but with the 'Scouts' rule, you don't have to be. That unit gets better movement on turn 1, and is deployed before all other 'special' units.

Why is it Good on Pathfinders?

Well, before that recent FAQ, both Pathfinders and devilfishes could be taken as 'Scouts'. Meaning they could both be deployed ahead of time (this is great on escalation rules as vehicles are not allowed immediately on the field!). It makes them stealthy, and allows them to get into better cover (as most player sides are not fortified enough). Both the Devilfish and Pathfinders don't have the best armour, so this can really help them get to points in the terrain where they can be a little more relaxed. Also, with the fact that Pathfinders host markerlights, and have recently gained rail rifles, they need to remain stationary, so with enough cover (getting the chances before the game begins with the 'free-move&#39, they can afford to just sit there and shoot all heavy weapons (markerlights+rail rifles).

What Will Happen With the Pathfinder Unit Without This Rule?

A lot, actually. Their scouts rule is practically wasted. But I still don't think it is a reason to keep them off your team, for many reasons:

A) You spent a lot of money on the models (standard minimum squad costs $55 at normal retailers).

B) They still offer the best markerlight access for the cheapest prices in your army.

Also, taking rail rifles in pathfinders teams (before the newly updated FAQ) had one thing over drones, it's that they had a better chance at shooting ranges and opportunities, as with the 'Scouts' rule they could be deployed further out. But now without that rule rail rifles are just better on drones (because they are practically the same thing but with more rail rifle access, an no real need to move around).

Technically Only the Devilfish Doesn't Have the 'Scouts' Rule:

Yes, this is true, but the Devifish is what allows you to have Pathfinders, and with it being their transport they have to be deployed next to it. With it laggin' behind without the 'Scouts' rule, they can't become/use 'Scouts' for the benefits it gives you (the benefits are at the beginning of a game).

Don't give up on Pathfinders just because they lost their 'Scouts' rule. They still offer a lot of flexible, and fast cover support (the classic Devilfish+Pathfinders make up still provides some nice abilities), and come at a cheap price for the markerlights they wield. Come up with some more uses that are as effective as your old uses. It gets you some things to do around the day if you're bored, and will just work out for both your wallet, and your battles.
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Default Re: Pathfinders Without the 'Scouts' Rule.

Almost all of this was posted, in detail with proof, quotes and references, by other people in another thread (which you also posted in) both for and against some of the points made here. Most of this is interpretation and opinion and not factual, yet. We do not really need two threads, doing the same thing at the same time, when the other one is perfectly suiting that discussion with all of this information and more, just fine and is collective.

Thread in question, for redirection: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=30480.0

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