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Tau inside Crisis suits.
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Default Re: Tau inside Crisis suits.

I think they would probably sit in a seat inside the chest area with some wires stuck in them sort of like the matrix except not so severe. they would control the crisis suit with brain wave which would travel out of his brain via another wire which would be interpreted by the computer in the crisis suits head.
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Default Re: Tau inside Crisis suits.

Originally Posted by seven324
sadly firewarrior is OOP now, i read teh first chapter and its sounds really good[ the only place ive seen it is amazon and youll never guess how much it is......30 GBP sadly i have no pound sign]

anyway, personally i dont think the legs and things would open up, maybe a little but not much, i remember someone did a golden daemon diorama of a tau workshop with a tau in a battlesuit a few years back.

ive only just started readying the last chancers omnimbous[sp?] so i havent read kill team yet
Try a library for Fire Warrior.

I agree about the legs and I also recall that stunning Golden Demon entry. It was called 'Tau Workshop' I think.

You're in for a treat with Kill Team. A real treat.
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