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Gun Drones: A distraction?
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Default Gun Drones: A distraction?

I played a guy today in an unregistered Deathwing v. Tau battle. (Yes, I do feel stupid for it being unregistered.)

Well I ran my piranhas forward and dropped gundrones near his scouts. His scouts ignored them, but when he dropped in terminators there was two squads over by my 2 two gundrone units. One was tied up in combat by the kroot(which lasted from top of the third and died at the end of the top of the fifth.) The free squad actually STAYED to shoot and kill my 4 shield drones. All the while several nice and juicier targets were floating around harrassing that squad.

Now how many people do you know would stay still and shoot something that you only get points for by killing whats really able to hurt you(the piranha's with fusion blaster.) In the end, if he didnt have to work today I think it would have been a victorious slaughter for the Tau.(I will repeat, I feel so stupid now.)
May he who dies today Die well.
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Default Re: Gun Drones: A distraction?

The thing with drones is they can't be ignored unless you're a vehicle with "land raider" or "monolith" in his name. They're arguably no less of a threat than that piranha against infantry. A little less if you're a termie, a whole lot more if you're a guardsman. This makes them ideal decoys as ignoring them can cost you as much as going after them. They CAN pop a basilisk, they CAN rear-end a leman-russ, and they WILL devastate your rear-line of squishy stuff if left unchecked and used correctly.

But the real use of these pairs is physically interposing themselves, to force those target-priority checks or get in the way (just watch the spacing) of an assault (can't come less than 1" from a unit you're not trying to assault, so they'll either have to jump the drones or try to get around). This may not seem like much but consider how devastating failing even a single target-priority check can be mid-game, or how you "have to" get into assault right away or-else... Now consider that we've got these little guys letting you do this for cheap.

They're not even worth any points; that's only gotten when the vehicle that bought them gets shot!
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